A God of War Board Game is on the Way!

Big news coming out of CMON Expo Thailand, where CMON made it official: we’re publishing a God of War board game!

Spring-boarding off our 2019 release of God of War: The Card Game, a direct adaptation of the 2018 video game title, we’ve partnered with Santa Monica Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment, this time to enter the incredibly deep world of God of War in a whole new way.

Expo attendees even got a chance to see the debut of first two minis from the game. 

God of War (2018) features series protagonist Kratos and his young son, Atreus, as they embark on an epic journey through the Nine Realms of Norse mythology while fighting to protect their family from fearsome creatures and powerful gods. Using this setting as inspiration, our team had created a board game that will let players explore and meet fan-favorite monsters in a brand new way!

While we can’t share too many details right now, we’ve been hard at work with the team at Santa Monica Studio to create an experience fans of the video games will really enjoy!

CMON SVP of US Operations, Geoff Skinner added, “This game has been in the works for years, and I think both gamers and God of War fans will really like the end results. Our main goal was always: ‘Does this feel like God of War?’, and I think the designers did a tremendous job in that regard. Working with Santa Monica Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment has been an absolute dream, not only guiding us through the God of War setting, but also allowing us to bring the things we do best to the table.”

The upcoming God of War board game is set hit crowdfunding in mid-2024, with retail set for mid-2025.

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A God of War Board Game is on the Way!

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