A New Batch of Reinforcements

September is here and that means a new set of releases for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game are hitting shelves. This month, the Starks, Lannisters, and Night’s Watch are all getting some new troops to reinforce their numbers. Let’s take a quick look at just what players can expect to find.

House Stark and House Tully have been allies for as long as anyone can remember. The bonds are strong that whenever the Direwolf marches to war, House Tully is sure to lend support. In times of great trouble they will send their hardiest unit, the Tully Cavaliers, out to fight. These heavy cavalry troopers are masters of the cavalry charge. Every mounted unit’s charge can turn the tide of battle, but the Cavaliers have turned it into an art form. Their lance attacks are truly devastating. The unit’s respect among their fellow troops is such that others will have their morale bolstered by their mere presence close by on the battlefield. This unit can be a new centerpiece to any Stark force.

For the Poor Fellows, their faith is the only armor they need on the battlefield. They have full conviction that what they’re doing is right, and they attack any who oppose their religion with fanatical zeal. While not trained and wearing little more than rags, this unit is one to be reckoned with on the battlefield as they are constantly finding new recruits for their cause, letting their numbers swell every round. Such is their devotion, that they will gladly lay down their own lives if they know it will do equal damage to the enemy. The Poor Fellows are a strong unit to tie up enemies and hold objectives with their constant regeneration.

The Night’s Watch gets two units this month. First off, there’s the Builder Crossbowmen. The Builder’s are the engineers and craftsmen who keep the defenses around The Wall in top condition, as well as equipping the Night’s Watch brethren with arms and armor. However, they also train regularly with the weapons of war they create, such as the sturdy crossbow. The Builder Crossbowmen add a strong ranged element to the Night’s Watch, able to reach out and deal damage to enemies before they can close. But what they have in offensive abilities they lose in defensive, wearing little armor into battle. Keeping them protected is a must for any Night’s Watch player.

However, they can’t do much better in terms of protection than using the other new unit they are getting with the Veterans of the Watch. These stalwart warriors have seen many battles and lived to tell the tale. They have tirelessly trained in dual-wielding swords, letting them defend with one while attacking with they other. They can even riposte against attackers, dealing damage for any attacks they successfully parry. They are costly to field in terms of points, but they are a unit that will certainly hold their own on the battlefield.

Whether hoisting the banner of the Direwolf, the Lion, or the Black, A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game players will have some new options for their armies, or finding new foes to face across the field of battle. All four of these units can be found now online or down at your LGS. Come back next month as a new House will be throwing their name into the conflict for the Iron Throne.

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A New Batch of Reinforcements

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