A Traitor in the Ranks


Loki, Loki, Loki, Loki.

A trickster god of the highest order, when he’s around, you can never be 100% sure what is real and what isn’t. You might think you’re fighting along with an ally when suddenly they betray you! It was Loki in disguise all along, just like that one time with the snake like Thor said! With the Tales of Asgard expansion for Marvel United, players may be working together, or one may have been working against them the entire time. Let’s take a look at this new set and see what sort of tricks it conceals.

This expansion adds new Heroes that players can take into battle in the Asgard set or mix in with any other Marvel United content. Thor, Valkyrie, and Korg each come with their own unique sculpt for the tabletop, as well as their personalized Hero deck custom-made for each of their fighting styles. But are all of these heroes really on the side of good? That’s a tougher question to ask, thanks to this set’s new Challenge, the Traitor!

To use the Traitor Challenge, each player is randomly dealt an Alignment card at the start of the game. One of them is the Betray card, letting that player know that they’re working for the side of evil this game. All players also gain a Mistrust token. During their turn, a player can place their Hero card facedown in the Storyline. They don’t gain any benefit from the card, but can still use Actions on the previous Hero card. Also, the next player to play in the Storyline doesn’t gain any benefit from the facedown card. Playing a card this way lets a player remove their Mistrust token. When the second Mission is solved by the players, all Heroes who have a Mistrust token (except the Hero with the Betray card) takes 3 damage. When the second Mission is completed, all the players point at one other player who they feel is the Betrayer. Players then reveal who the real Traitor is. Players that guess right gain an action token that can be spent later. Meanwhile, the Traitor player removes their sculpt and Hero deck from the game. They’re now playing the Villain! When it’s time for the Villain to add a new card to the Storyline from their Masterplan deck, the player draws the top two, plays one, and places the other on the bottom of the deck. It’s now Player-vs-Player and a race to the finish to see if the remaining Heroes can overcome the new challenges.

The Asgard set offers more than just new heroes, locations, and a villain to the game. The Traitor Challenge gives an entirely new way to play, offering a bit of a Player-vs-Player experience as the Traitor works against the interests of the other players, and then reveals themselves and takes control of the Villain’s plans.

This new set is available as part of the Marvel United Kickstarter campaign going on now. Head over and pledge for the game. We promise, no tricks!

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A Traitor in the Ranks

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