Addressing Massive Darkness Core Game and Expansion Card Printing Errors

We are very happy to hear backers have begun receiving their Massive Darkness Kickstarter pledges; however, it has been brought to our attention that there are printing errors present in certain cards from the core game and its expansions. The problem occurred with a few cards that display a colored dice symbol inside a black special ability text back. It appears the factory printed the colored symbol on top of the solid black color, making it almost illegible for gameplay. Unfortunately, as this only occurs in very few cards, our quality control process didn’t catch the printing issue.

We are deeply sorry for this problem and the inconvenience it has caused our backers. We assure you all that we are working to make things right as quickly as possible. Replacement Card Packs are being printed with corrected copies of all affected cards (24 in total), and we will ship the appropriate number of packs to all of our backers as soon as possible, so you can replace the problematic cards.

While we don’t have a timeline for the Replacement Card Packs yet, we will keep you updated in this story and on the Massive Darkness Kickstarter page under the Updates section.

The following cards are known to have printing issues:


To ensure your gaming doesn't suffer until the Replacement Card Packs arrive, we are providing in the links below the proper print files for the 24 affected cards. This way you can either use them as references, or make home prints to use for now.


At this time, we ask backers to not contact Customer Service about these misprints to ensure the Service team can continue to help other customers. Every backer will atomically be provided with the appropriate amount of Replacement Card Packs when they are ready.

Please come back to this story as it will be updated with more information as it becomes available. You can also view the Updates section of the Massive Darkness Kickstarter campaign.

Learn more about Massive Darkness here.

UPDATE - 8/9/2017

Thankfully the factory has responded very quickly to the misprint issue, and the plan to get Replacement Card Packs to all backers is well underway. The factory is producing the replacement cards at breakneck speed.

They managed to add them to the last APAC pledges that were sent to backers last week, so some backers in Japan, China, Hong Kong, and South Korea are receiving their pledges with the replacement cards already inside.

Replacement Card Packs are also on the way to the USA hub, so that they'll be added to all the pledge boxes before they get sent to backers. The USA hub will also mail directly to Canadian backers their Replacement Card Packs, separately from their pledges.

For the rest of the APAC backers, as well as EU and Australia, the packs are being printed, and should be mailed directly to them in 4 to 7 weeks, depending on the area. We'll keep you updated as things progress.

Addressing Massive Darkness Core Game and Expansion Card Printing Errors

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