April Releases for CMON

April signals the end of the long winter and the start of new adventures! This month also includes some new releases from CMON that will allow players to continue to explore some stories they’ve grown to love. Today in your FLGS, you’ll find some expansions and stand-alone games that further explore some of the most exciting CMON worlds! 

Something evil and undead is affecting the borderlands. It seems the plague which swept across the countryside has infected more than just humans. Now, a horde of zombie orcs is descending on the towns and villages on the Western frontier. In Zombicide: Green Horde, 1 to 6 players will take on the role of Survivors, working together to fight back a powerful new opponent.  From magician thieves, to warrior elves with a mysterious past, to mercenary dwarves just looking to make a buck, they’ll have to use all of their skills to overcome the odds. Zombie orcs and goblins have a lot more strength than their human counterparts, and they tend to gather in large groups, ready to pounce on unsuspecting Survivors that stray too far from the pack. Players will have to take advantage of new landscape elements, like Waterholes, Hedges, and Barriers. If they need a way to target a zone for maximum carnage, they can use the versatile new Trebuchet, with three different ways to fire at the enemy from long range. With a little luck, and some careful planning, the Survivors might just clear the road of their village of this green threat.

Next, we go from small village roads to the bustling streets of Victorian London. They city is the center of the world and the Queen rules with an iron fist. However, all is not well in London. An evil cult is working to summon an ancient fire demon, and only the Gentlemen of the Unicorn Club can stop them. In The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch, one player becomes the Nemesis, the head of a cult with nefarious plans, while the rest take on the roles of the adventurous men and women of the Unicorn Club. Over the course of six Chapters, they attempt to collect Moloch Stones, which can grant them incredible power. Between each Chapter, the Gentlemen can acquire new items and gear, but the longer they take, the more powerful the Nemesis becomes. They’ll have to muster their courage for a final showdown between good and evil. Will London be saved, or will it be plunged into darkness?

There are few places darker than the Chalice Dungeons. For years, Hunters have entered them to do battle with monsters and bosses and collect the Blood Echoes and Trophies of their fallen victims. In Bloodborne: The Card Game, players faced incredible challenges as they entered the depths of the dungeons in hopes of victory and, ultimately, escape. Now the time to return has come. In the Bloodborne: The Hunter’s Nightmare expansion, the challenge just got a little tougher. New Bosses and Monsters present more difficult foes than the Hunters have ever faced in the past, and Death Tokens will limit the amount of points they can collect as Trophies. Luckily, the Hunters will have some new tricks up their sleeves. At the start of the game, players can upgrade their Hunter using the new Runes cards. Each of these cards give players bonuses for utilizing certain weapon combinations and strategies during the game. Now, no two Hunters will start out exactly alike, as one may wish to fight it out in melee while another is content to lob in shots from afar, and another could make it so a Hunter gains extra bonuses from dealing the final blow to a monster. Players will draw two of these cards before the game begins and pick one to equip to their Hunter. It’s dangerous down in the dungeon, best to be as prepared as you can be.

Being prepared is a good family motto, and the Renaissance period in Florence was all about families. During this time, the prestige your family had was of utmost importance, and families would go to great lengths to expand their sphere of influence. In Lorenzo il Maginifico, up to four players struggled to lead their families to prominence. With the Houses of Renaissance expansion, there are even more ways to bring pride to the family, and a fifth family to compete with. Houses of Renaissance adds Family tiles, which players bid on at the start of the game, giving them a special ability throughout. The more desirable the abilities, the higher the cost players are going to have to pay to get them. To keep things from getting too crowded in Florence, there is a new Tower, added with Special Development cards. Players can also acquire Special tokens, which work like hidden Resources. They can be discarded to gain the rewards depicted on them. With so many new elements, bringing prominence to your family has never been more exciting. 

Whether you’re fighting undead monsters on the streets of your village, outsmarting an evil cult, venturing into a Chalice Dungeon, or just looking to make a name for your family, there is a game from CMON for you! Today, four great new titles arrive in your FLGS. The time for adventure has come! Grab your friends, find a table, and let’s start the game!

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April Releases for CMON

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