Arcadia Quest: Riders Flash Kickstarter

With the end of the Zombicide: Invader Kickstarter, we're off on the next adventure! We go from the far reaches of space to a land of fantasy, where everyone gets along! Just kidding. This is Arcadia! Every Guild for themselves! Luckily, some new (really big) friends are joining the fight for fame, fortune, and Arcadia’s well-being in Arcadia Quest: Riders, an all-new expansion for the Arcadia Quest line of games. Guilds will now be able to recruit Mounts to their team, helping them get around the map and offering unique abilities while fighting the all new threat: Malkhor, a hunter with an eye for big game. But we’re not going to let him take our big, beastly buddies (even if it means working alongside other Guilds once in a while).

Join us for our first flash Kickstarter from May 21 to May 25. Unlike our normal Kickstarter projects, we’re only offering Arcadia Quest: Riders for a short amount of time with some cool, exclusive extras that will be available from the start of the campaign. Running a shorter campaign and removing stretch goals by offering all exclusives from the beginning helps ensure fast delivery of the game to our backers!

We’ll see you later this month!

Learn more about Arcadia Quest: Riders  here.

Arcadia Quest: Riders Flash Kickstarter

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