Arcadia Quest: Riders - New Adventures

Arcadia Quest: Riders, is the new expansion for Arcadia Quest and Arcadia Quest: Inferno coming to Kickstarter on Monday, May 21 at 12 PM EST. Earlier this week, we took a look at the new Mounts, Heroes, and some of the Upgrades that will be part of the set. In this article, we’re introduced to the evil Malkhor, a hunter of legend who is the new Boss of the box, as well as his Jacklol Minions. Players will be chasing down the sportsman across a branching, six-mission Campaign. If the players are going to stop his plans, they should really learn what they’ll be up against.

Malkhor has been hunting ever since there’s been creatures to hunt. Throughout history, he’s been known by many different names, including the Eternal Hunter, the Hidden Terror, and the Master of the Wild. He’s a demigod of the Wilds who has decided to move his hunting grounds to an entirely new type of jungle… the urban jungle of downtown Arcadia! In combat, Malkhor is a precision fighter. Whenever he scores a Critical, instead of getting just a single extra die, he gets two! At his highest level, his true purpose for coming to Arcadia is shown, giving Malkhor two extra rerolls when Close to any Mount.

Malkhor isn’t alone in his hunts, either. He’s brought along a pack of six Jacklol minions. Their master has taught them well in the ways of hunting, instructing them to go after vital areas. Whenever they attack, they can reroll a number of their dice (depending on what level they are). Nothing is worse than getting surrounded by a pack of these laughing creatures, giggling with glee as they stab at their targets with deadly accuracy.

The Heroes of the various Guilds in Arcadia will be fighting against Malkhor and his Jacklols across a six-mission branching campaign. The first Scenario is always Dawn of the Jacklols, which sees the Heroes first encountering Malkhor and his Jacklol Minions. But after that, players can take different routes, depending on what other Arcadia Quest boxes they have access to. The first branch can send the players to either Down, Boy!, wherein we see the Heroes trying to protect a cornered Mount from the fury of the Jacklols, or Run and Bones, which ties in with Beyond the Grave, and shows that Malkhor is not beyond using the powers of the undead in his hunts. The third Scenario is a choice between The Hunting Season is Closed!, where the Heroes are facing off against Malkhor and his alien crossbow, or Small Game, which includes pieces from the Pets expansion, and shows that Malkhor is ready to hunt all creatures great and small in equal measure. The final branch lets players pick between Arcadia Mountor Speedway, where the Heroes will race against each other to the literal finish line, and Furball, which brings in not just Beyond the Grave, but also Pets into a super-Scenario of awesome, where the Heroes are caught up in a grand, swirling melee of undead, and Pets, and Mounts, and Jacklols, and a demigod hunter thrown in just for fun. Things really start to get serious in the fifth Scenario, The Game is Afoot!, as the Heroes start hunting down Malkhor’s henchmen and close the trap around the famed hunter. The last Scenario is Who Hunts the Hunter?, as the final showdown takes place between Malkhor and the Heroes. Only one will continue to call Arcadia home. Will the Mounts remain with the Guilds, or as trophies on Malkhor’s wall?

These Scenarios will utilize the three double-sided tiles that come in Riders. One side depicts the regular streets of Arcadia, while the other shows the molten fires of the city while it’s being dragged down in Inferno. The side players use depends on which core box they pick to use at the start of the Scenario.

Riders will open up a lot of new opportunities for players in their games of Arcadia Quest. And Malchor and his Jacklol minions will certainly put up a strong fight. Deciding who is the supreme hunter in the land will not be easy.

The Arcadia Quest: Riders Kickstarter launches Monday, May 21 at 12 PM EST and runs through Friday the 25, ending at 8 PM EST.

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Arcadia Quest: Riders - New Adventures

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