Arcadia Quest Solo Mode v. 1.1 (Updated)

ATTENTION: This version of the Solo Mode is outdated. For the most updated version, please click here.

Hello, everyone! Guilherme Goulart and Fred Perret here again to talk about Arcadia Quest Solo Mode.

First things first, we want to thank you all. Your response has been amazing! As of the time we're writing this update we have received over 130 replies on the form with the mode having been out for less than a month! Your feedback is invaluable for us as we get to hear firsthand your impressions and performance on it. There’s much we can learn from the data and we wanted to share some insights we quickly realized:

The win/lose rate seems to be in a good spot: much to our delight, the performance with a larger audience seems to have been consistent with our testing, with victories clocking at 50.7%. Most of these sessions were played on the Easy setting, with victory rates decreasing on higher difficulty settings, as intended. We're keeping a closer eye on the higher difficulties and number of deaths to make sure that the challenge presented is adequate, rather than frustrating.

All Hail Diva, Queen of Solo Mode! And wait... what? Wisp? Diva comes in with a large lead for the most played Hero, being present in 46.4% of all played sessions! Greensleeves is second, with 42%. Then we saw someone we shouldn't see. Wisp was zeroed out for many days, until, all rogue-like, he appeared in one session. But Wisp is banned from Solo! We slapped our faces hard when we realized that we had forgotten to remove him from the list of Heroes in the form. Kudos to you, witty [redacted]! Wisp is now appropriately gone from the list. Let's hope he doesn't use any of his ninja skills to pop in again!

But we didn't receive from you numbers only, we received a lot of constructive feedback on the open text portion. You guys are an amazing community and received a lot of encouragement and affection from you. We're very grateful for it! We're reading everything with the care it deserves and taking it into consideration as we continue to work on this. Arcadia Quest was our first published game and it has a special place in our hearts.

Cool, but what's new here? We're here today to release v1.1 of the Solo Mode! Here's what's in it:

- Updated the Monster Activation to clarify: by far, this is the topic with the most questions. This is the largest new chunk of rules and the explanation provided left room for questions. We've updated it accordingly - let us know if it's clearer now. After all, we can only go upward from here, right? RIGHT? 

- Added more Heroes: many of you have requested the inclusion of more heroes (and some of you already played with them!). We're adding heroes from the first Kickstarter campaign (except for Beyond the Grave, which will be a later update of its own). Not all these Heroes are easily available at retail, we know, some are exclusive, but we'd rather include them than not, for those who own them. We created a section on the Solo Mode document listing available heroes and also added them to the form.

- Round of corrections: did you spot those sneaky Spawn/Exploration tokens in the Temple of Dawning Twilight? We didn't! We made corrections based on your feedback on a number of Maps, with changes listed on their instructions.

- Spike: we have our eyes on you!

What's next? Ah, the age-old question where we usually employ our best vaguish. Let’s see. We can tell you that our current plan for the next major update to Solo Mode is to include Pets. We're also working on Arcadia Quest: Inferno, but that's a bit more tricky. Remember those Brimstone cards, which drive player interaction to another level? Yep, so do we!

We were very happy to read that many of you asked for more content to be added and we're currently working on that, too.

See you next time!

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Arcadia Quest Solo Mode v. 1.1 (Updated)

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