Back to the Past

Kickstarters are big, complex campaigns with tons of little parts. CMON’s Kickstarters are well-known for having lots of amazing extras and add-ons, with stretch goals aplenty. But we’re still human and sometimes a really good idea doesn’t come until after the campaign is over. Now, for most people, that would just mean that it’s just a missed opportunity. But thankfully, the geniuses down in CMON’s R&D have been working on a little something to help out. They’ve created a time machine. So, we can head back to some of our previous Kickstarter campaigns and add some amazing extras to them.

So, what could be so amazing that we wanted to bend the laws of time and space? Soundtracks and digital art books, of course! Our graphic artists and sculptors work hard to make sure that your gaming experience is as visually and tactilely engaging as possible. But what about adding a whole new sense into the game? We’re bringing sound into the game with brand new tailored soundtracks for three of our biggest campaigns: Rising Sun, Zombicide: Green Horde, and HATE. That’s right, along with awesome art and great minis, you can hear some amazing sounds when you sit down for a game session.

And speaking of artwork, we are also creating new digital versions of the art books for those games. The current art books from Rising Sun and HATE will be available in a digital format, perfect for taking with you and showing off wherever you go. While there will be an all-new digital-format art book for Zombicide: Green Horde book which will also include the great artwork from Black Plague.

Of course, the upshot of going back to all these campaigns with our time machine is that you all get a chance to participate in them again. Now, our R&D team tells us that it wouldn’t be realistically feasible to give everyone a time machine to come back with us individually (there’s only so many seats in there, and do you know howmuch it costs to build a time machine?). So, what we’re doing is running a new campaign that will bring these items into the present, as well as give everyone an opportunity to jump back in as though they’d gone through time with us. You can pledge for the new digital assets alone, or you can pledge for items from those campaigns and get all the great extras and exclusives.

Another extra-special offer that’s part of this campaign is that we will be offering extremely limited quantities of extras from other great campaigns like Arcadia Quest, The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch, and Blood Rage, just to name a few. However, quantities will be extremely limited. So be sure to pledge early!

We’ll be seeing you next week for this great campaign. For now, we’ve gotta go pick up a sports almanac...


Back to the Past

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