CMON at PAX U 2018

Since 2004, PAX (or Penny Arcade Expo) events have been held in cities like Seattle, Boston, San Antonio, and even Melbourne. These events are a chance for gamers of all stripes to come together and share in their love of play. While PAX has traditionally focused more on video games and the culture that surrounds them, last year, the first ever PAX Unplugged took place in Philadelphia. PAX U was the first one to feature board gaming front and center, and the event was a huge success. With just over a month until PAX U 2018, we are starting to get exciting about all of the great CMON games and events that will be on display there. 

This year, PAX U will be taking place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in the heart of Philadelphia. The event runs for three action packed days, starting on November 30. The CMON booth, #3001 and Tabletop Tourney area will be the hot destinations to try out some of the latest titles, participate in learn-to-play events, compete in tournaments, and experience some amazing special events.

CMON has had an incredible year, introducing a number of exciting new titles to our gaming library, and big gaming events are the best way to introduce board game fans to our newest titles. Open demos and Learn-to-Play events are an excellent opportunity to learn new games from our experienced team of teachers. Compete to build the most powerful machines at the annual science fair in Gizmos, join forces to track down a criminal mastermind in the jungles of Colombia in Narcos, or work to construct a transportation empire in Railroad Ink. And that’s just a sample of the games in store. Every table represents a new adventure! At CMON, we work year-round to put together the best Demo Team in the industry, handpicking our staff as the best representatives of our titles. They’ll be ready to get you playing our hottest games in no time.

If you think you have what it takes to compete on a more structured level, our CMON Tournaments will give you a chance to battle for some great prizes. The Kami have become unhappy with the level of Honor in Japan and have tasked the great clans with reshaping the country in their image. In Rising Sun, players will negotiate, backstab, and battle their way through three gruelling Seasons. Only a clan that finds balance between strategy and Honor will earn the respect of the Kami and win the game. The King is dead, and every Great House in Westeros believes they have a claim to the Iron Throne. In the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game, you lead your army against opposing forces attempting to control key objectives or complete specific tasks. You have to know your strengths and exploit your opponent’s weakness if you want to win the day. 

There are tons of other reasons to visit CMON at PAX U this year. Our store will be full of some great titles, with some special promos items to give away with purchases, and our paint-and-take events are the perfect place to try out miniature painting on some of the amazing miniatures from the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. So, strap on your sword, load up your weapons, and set a course for Philadelphia. The CMON team will see you at PAX U!

CMON at PAX U 2018

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