CMON Feature Friday: Dispatches From the Dark 2

It’s been a little while since the Lightbringers were assembled and we ventured forth into the darkened tunnels. Whenever you enter the lair of the Darkness, death can be waiting around every corner. We learned that lesson during our first session of Massive Darkness. Would that knowledge help us, or just lead us to our doom with a little more warning? We were about to find out.

For this week’s CMON Feature Friday, we’re heading back underground for another session report of Massive Darkness. As in our previous article, there will be spoilers, so maybe give this a skip if you’re working your way through the game yourself, or planning to do so. 

It had been a few weeks since we last got the crew together for Massive Darkness. As many readers can sympathize, life often takes priority over gaming. We even had a player drop out, unable to commit to a regular schedule of dungeon crawling. But, undeterred, a date was set and we gathered again for a subterranean adventure!

If you remember from our last attempts, we had been unable to complete the first Quest, Scorched Earth (how embarrassing). There was some debate as to whether we’d just skip it and move on to Quest Two, but our pride got the better of us and we resolved to return. However, this time, we upped the stakes a bit. 

We decided to add to the mix some Massive Darkness: Enemy Boxes, including the Troglodytes, Ratlings, and Reptisaurians. Also joining the party were the Heroes and Monster sets Noble Warriors vs. The Cockatrix, Warrior Priests vs. The Spearmaiden Cyclops, Sorcerers vs. Lord Tusk, and Bloodmoon Assassins vs. The Hellephant. 

With all these new foes to contend with, we were happy to have the new Heroes and Artifacts that these expansions provided. After some consideration though, we decided to stick with our original characters after becoming attached to them in our previous battles. 

So, it was once more into the tunnels for our heroes. With only five of us this time, we made a vow to stick together. 

Right off the bat, we ran afoul of mod after mob of Goblins, Dwarfs, Orcs, and got our first taste of the Ratlings and the Troglodytes. This time, though, we fought differently. We discussed our plans with the rest of the team and carefully plotted our actions. Gone were the days of running ahead to grab treasures and glory. We were a tight-knit unit of Lightbringers, looking to defeat the Darkness at all costs. 

About halfway through the quest, we ran into our old friend the Abyssal Demon. This time, he had a little friend. The Hellhound also appeared, and it took a concentrated effort to dispatch the pair.  

After finding the two Artifacts, we were ready to make for the Library and the exit for the Quest. The only problem was that the High Troll standing in our way had different ideas. By this time, though, we had learned how to take down nasty foes. We hit him from all sides in a combination of melee and ranged attacks. The Troll fell, and we had an open path to the exit and our first Massive Darkness victory.

We were treated to our first Town Market phase, allowing us to trade equipment for XP and other equipment. Fully geared up and with a new sense of confidence, we decided to push ahead to Quest 2: Black Widow.

This quest takes advantage of one of the coolest minis I’ve ever seen, the Giant Spider. Seems like she had been making attacks on a nearby village, so us Lightbringers had to put an end to her reign of terror. This quest really feels like a story is taking place. The Giant Spider attacks any Heroes in range and then moves towards the exit. We had to make sure she didn’t get away, and destroy her nests to earn XP while we were at it. 

Right off the bat in this quest, we ran into Lord Tusk (that jerk). He was a difficult foe with his super long twin blades to contend with, but we managed to best him. However, all the while, the Black Widow was scuttling towards the exit. Some of our melee attackers ran ahead to engage her, but that’s when we encountered a pachyderm from hell, the Hellephant. 

Now, if the Giant Spider is the coolest model in this game (a matter of taste, of course), the Hellephant is a close second. With a huge arm span and tusks pretty much everywhere, he is not a creature to be taken lightly. We chose the sensible path and ran from him. While engaging in battle would’ve been a lot of fun, our ultimate goal lay ahead of us.

With determined focus, we were able to catch the Giant Spider and lay down a beating. She’ll think twice before following her natural instincts as an animal again! With that goal accomplished, we won the Quest!

I have to say, it’s been a ton of fun getting to play this game with a great group of people. As I’ve noted in the past, Massive Darkness is a game that lends itself to telling the story of what went down. Reliving it with the people you quested with is one of the many joys this game offers. I’m looking to setting a date to return to the depths. The next quest is entitled The Chosen One. I can’t wait to see the adventure that lies in wait!

Do you have a favorite dungeon crawler or questing game? What are some of the best memories you’ve formed around the table. Reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #CMONFeatureFriday to let us know.

Learn more about Massive Darkness here.

CMON Feature Friday: Dispatches From the Dark 2

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