CMON Feature Friday: Thanksgaming

As gamers, we have a lot to be thankful for. We’re part of a hobby full of great people and one that encourages engagement. You don’t have to be a hardcore fan to enjoy the great connection that gaming can foster. Not to mention the fact that we’re experiencing a Golden Age for gaming. Never before have there been more games, designers, companies, and innovation in the hobby. For this week’s CMON Feature Friday, we want to take a look at a few things we’re thankful for in the world of board gaming.

Friends and Family

More than anything, board games are about people. Gaming groups, family gatherings, conventions, and board game cafes all provide an opportunity for people to get together and roll some dice. The people we game with make a huge impact on the experience we’ll have. It’s can be a great deal of fun to sit down at a table with folks for the first time, size them up, joke around with them, and hopefully make a new friend. Sometimes, as more experienced gamers, the responsibility of introducing people to the hobby falls on us. Board gaming is one of the best hobbies for welcoming new members to the flock. The best part about introducing people to gaming for the first time is seeing their eyes light up when a game really clicks with them. We’re thankful for the friends and family we’ve made in gaming. Without them, we’d just be playing solitaire. 

The Golden Age

The CMON crew is freshly back from BGG Con 2016… and almost fully recovered. A convention of this size allows you to really connect with people and witness the state of the hobby. What we saw was fantastic! There are so many great games out there, and not just heavy strategy (although there’s no shortage of those). There are new innovative dexterity games, hidden identity games, interesting dice games, family games… there are a lot of good games out there is my point. Small publishers are coming up with some innovative titles and designers continue to evolve with the growing audience. We have always thought there is a game for everyone, but never has that been so true. Themes, mechanics, art, and components come in an incredibly wide range. Who knows how long this industry growth will last, but as long as we are growing the hobby, the demand for new and innovative titles will always be there.

The Future

Who could have predicted the explosion that has occurred in gaming over the past decade? The hobby has been sneaking its way into the mainstream of our culture more and more. As this generation of gamers ages, we look to the next one to see what the future has in store. It’s definitely clear that the future of board games is very bright. An increasingly more diverse group of people are getting into the hobby, which is great to see. Seeing the dynamic shift towards inclusivity is a great step and can only mean good things. Board game media creators are more skilled and telling more diverse stories about the hobby in general. Young designers are finding ways to get their games out into the world, through small publishers and crowd funding. Despite growing up in a digital world, the kids of tabletop gamers are eager to connect, and gaming is a great avenue for that. If you game with the young folks in your life, it’s not just a great way to spend some time, you’re helping to create the next generation of gamers. 

So if you are part of the gaming community, we at CMON want to say thank you. Even if you’ve never played one of our games, you are still a member of one of the best groups of people around. Keep introducing new people to the hobby, make sure your table is welcoming to everyone, and above all else: recognize board gaming for the wonderful experience it is and how lucky we all are to be a part of it. Good Gaming!


CMON Feature Friday: Thanksgaming

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