CMON Limited Hires Edouard Guiton as Senior Artist

CMON Limited is thrilled to welcome accomplished artist Edouard Guiton to the team as Senior Artist. Guiton’s talent and history within the industry reinforces CMON’s dedication to the highest-quality board games on the market. 

Edouard Guiton began his career in France where he defined the art direction of Rackham, working as their main character designer for Confrontation. Since then, he has published comics, worked in the video game industry, provided art for Ankama’s Krosmasters series, and has worked with CMON on several projects throughout the years, including being instrumental in creating the look of modern Zombicide.

David Preti, Creative Director at CMON, said, “I have been working with Edouard for the last 15 years; he is one of the most talented artists I’ve had the honor to work with, and he was a key element of the success of Zombicide, where he defined its unique visuals. Being able to welcome Edouard Guiton to the family is incredible as his work will continue to inspire and show fans of our games that we are dedicated to providing them with high-quality experiences.”

Guiton’s most recent work can be seen in Massive Darkness and CMON’s upcoming 2018 release of the classic game Council of 4, featuring new art and components.

CMON Limited Hires Edouard Guiton as Senior Artist

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