CMON Releases for April

New releases from CMON are hitting your FLGS today! These awesome new titles will give you the chance to fight for control of a mythical land, set sail for adventure with a crew of swashbuckling pirates, team up with some cuddly critters, or even enter a gnome gang war in search of hidden loot! April’s releases have a little of something for everyone!

In Paolo Mori’s new game, Ethnos, players are tasked with uniting the scattered Tribes and bringing a new era of leadership to the Six Kingdoms. Over the course of three Ages, players will collect members of Tribes into their hand, or play them in order to place Control markers on the different Kingdoms. Players can band together members of the same Tribe, or creatures from different Tribes, but the same Kingdom. For each band played, they’ll choose a leader and gain access to that creature’s special ability. For example, a Centaur leader will immediately allow another band to be played, Minotaur leaders allow players to lay down a Control Marker for one fewer card, and a Winged Folk leader will allow a player to lay down a Control Marker in any region on the board. There are 12 different Tribes in the game, but only six are used each time it’s played, leading to tons of different combinations and play experiences. As each round ends, players will receive glory for the Kingdoms they have control of and the bands that they’ve played. After three Ages, a winner will be declared and a new leader will ascend to the throne of Ethnos. Featuring quick game play, interesting decisions, and breathtaking illustrations by legendary artist John Howe, Ethnos will be a hit with just about everyone! 

If landlocked battles aren’t your thing, CMON has something a little more seaworthy hitting your FLGS today. Rum and Bones: Second Tide is the standalone sequel to the pirate adventure game, Rum and Bones. Each player or team takes control of one of the different factions and prepares to board their opponent’s vessel. The Deep Sea Lords and Marea de la Muerte each have a number of different Heroes to lead their crew, as well as deckhands and bosuns to do the grunt work. Teams alternate back and forth, activating their Heroes and crew in an attempt to beat up the enemy and destroy objectives on their opponent’s ship. They’ll earn points for accomplishing certain tasks along the way. Players take advantage of their Heroes’ different skills and can use cards from their Tide deck to give them an edge in certain situations. But if they’re not careful, all the noise and ruckus is going to attract a sea creature from the deep. The Kraken might make an appearance and cause some nightmares for both factions. Rum and Bones: Second Tide is a fast paced, swashbuckling adventure game full of pirates, monsters, and booty; the perfect game, as long as you don’t get seasick. 

In Arcadia Quest: Pets, one of the cutest scenario expansions ever, players will have to team up with some cuddly critters to free the gardens of Arcadia from the evil witch Vexia. She has taken over the gardens and is conducting strange experiments on the furry denizens. With their animal companions at their side, players will have to fight fire with fire, as they work their way through Vexia’s defenses. Arcadia Quest: Pets introduces 24 highly-detailed miniatures, 36 Pet cards, 3 double-sided game tiles, a Campaign book full of scenarios, and much more. Everything you need for an adventure with your best friend. And if adventure is what you’re after, The Chaos Dragon box offers maybe more than you can handle. The Chaos Dragon has come to Arcadia to bend the laws of nature and challenge the Heroes of Arcadia like never before. The Chaos Dragon box allows players to extend any campaign beyond the final scenario, for an ultimate showdown with this scaly foe. This expansion comes with a huge Chaos Dragon figure, new Level 6 Upgrade cards, legendary Relic cards, and Chaos Dragon tiles for use with Arcadia Quest or Arcadia Quest: Inferno. Just when you thought your campaign was over, things get chaotic!

Speaking of adding some chaos, the garden gnome gangs of 75 Gnom’ Street have lived in relative peace for several years. They’ve gotten rich by pilfering treasure from the neighborhood homes and hiding the goods in the yard. But now, with so much accumulated wealth, the gloves are coming off and each team of gnomes is preparing to do battle to gain control of the garden and take their opponent’s loot. They just have to find it first. In 75 Gnom’ Street, each player controls one of the gnome gangs fighting it out and searching for the treasure hidden in the garden. Each round, the teams will do battle to establish turn order, and then interrogate the other teams to try and track down the hiding place of their goods. Players can deploy Moles to dig for gold, or Bait tokens as a decoy to the other players. 75 Gnom’ Street is one of the silliest and most fun deduction, battle games ever made. With some smart card selection and intuition, players might find themselves the last gnome standing. 

The city of Haven has taken one step closer to the end of the world with the release of  the Apocalypse box for The Others. This expansion represents the next steps in the Hell Club’s evil scheme. It includes five massive figures, representing Death, Famine, War, Pestilence, and the avatar of the Apocalypse itself. The all new Apocalypse track advances during the game and instead of drawing new Apocalypse cards, new figures are brought on to the board, each one affecting the game in a different way. The Apocalypse box also features four new City tiles, including a Theme Park that is anything, but amusing, an Opera House, and a decaying Vehicle Graveyard. Rounding out the releases for The Others in April are The Plastic Token pack and the Plastic Wound pack. These additions will bring a new level of realism to your matches. The Plastic Token pack replaces the base tokens in the game with 88 different thick plastic markers.  Everything from Corruption tokens to City Action tokens to Innocent tokens get an upgrade. The Plastic Wound pack includes 60 heart-shaped plastic wounds. As the characters take damage, you’ll be able to see in a very visceral way, how close they are coming to death. The April releases for The Others will take the fight for the fate of the world to the next level.

April is full of fun and engaging releases from CMON, and you can get your hands on them at your FLGS today. Ethnos, Rum and Bones: Second Tide, Arcadia Quest Pets, and 75 Gnom’ Street offer unique gaming experiences for just about any player! 

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CMON Releases for April

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