Collecting Upgrades

Whenever there’s a new edition of a game, players always ask, “will I still be able to use my old stuff?” If you’re a current Zombicide player, have no fear. CMON is releasing an Upgrade Kit during the Zombicide: 2nd Edition Kickstarter so players can update their current games to the new edition. Let’s delve into what’s in it.

This kit will contain ID cards for all the Survivors from the first three Seasons of Zombicide: core boxes, expansions, Special Guests, Game Night Kits, and Kickstarter Exclusives. These cards are sized to fit into the new plastic dashboards that come in the 2nd Edition core box and feature an updated skill list for the Survivors. Old players can get the new, upgraded cards, while new players can get the stats for Survivors from the different sets they might have missed.

Of course, the main draw of these updated cards is using the new plastic dashboard, so the kit contains six of them, as well as colored counter bases, pegs, and extra Starting Equipment cards. The full 2nd Edition rules will be available online, so you’re good to go!

These upgrade kits are perfect for players who want to get a taste of the new edition. They can use all their favorite Survivors from the different Seasons, matched up with the new plastic dashboards and updated rules.

Don’t forget, the Zombicide: 2nd Edition Kickstarter launches Wednesday, October 16th at 3pm Eastern! We’ll see you there, Survivors!

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Collecting Upgrades

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