Conscripted into the Brotherhood

In the far north of Westeros, the brotherhood of the Night’s Watch keeps constant vigil along The Wall, the towering edifice protecting the southern lands from the dangerous people and monsters that live beyond. The Night’s Watch is known for taking in anyone and everyone, being a motley band of lesser noble’s sons, convicts, and anyone else who might end up there. These men are trained up to be tireless defenders, but in the beginning, they all start as simple conscripts. This month, Night’s Watch players will be getting the Conscripts unit that they can add to their armies.

The Night’s Watch, overall, is an army of elites. The units have been trained relentlessly and tested time and again against the nightmare creatures of the far north. The one issue is that this results in high unit costs. Night’s Watch players might find themselves with points left over as they try and come up with army builds, or worried about being outnumbered on the field. The Conscripts unit is very economical at just four points to field. They can help balance the numbers game against an opponent who will possibly be fielding more units than they are, as well as just take up the last bits of points within an army build.

With a moderate points costs comes moderate stats. The Conscripts are a dedicated melee unit, with average melee stats. The defensive side of the coin shows that they are not equipped like the full Night’s Watch brothers are, and they definitely haven’t received the same sort of training. One of their special rules, Uninitiated, doesn’t allow them to take Vows. Their defensive save is on a 5+ and their Morale is an 8+. This unit is at risk of losing figures fairly readily.

So, how do they manage to stay on the field? That comes from their other special rule. It’s called Reinforcements, and it allows the unit to regain d3 Wounds whenever it activates. If the Night’s Watch player controls the Wealth space on the Tactics Board, they automatically recover 3 Wounds instead. That’s almost a full rank of troops coming back every time they activate. And opponents can never count the unit out, since if they leave it alone for a round or two, they might suddenly find the Conscripts back at full fighting strength.

The Conscripts box also comes with the Watch Recruiter Unit Attachment. This figure also adds to the durability of the Conscripts, or any other unit they might join. Through Forced Conscription, the unit they’re part of regains a Wound whenever an enemy engaged with them loses models from an Attack or Panic Test. They essentially yank someone out of the other unit and suddenly have them join the Night’s Watch. Welcome to the service!

The Conscripts unit for the Night’s Watch gives commanders a points-efficient unit for the battlefield. They have solid melee stats, and their moderate defensive abilities are mitigated by the unit being able to regenerate Wounds readily. The addition of the Watch Recruiter to any unit will only make sure that the unit is ahead of the curve in a war of attrition against the enemy.

The Night’s Watch Conscripts will be available May 23rd.

You can read more about the Conscripts here.

Conscripted into the Brotherhood

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