Cthulhu: Death May Die - The Monsters

Few minds in literary history have come with such horrific monsters as H.P. Lovecraft. His tales tell the stories of scientific expeditions and mysterious cults. But the memorable elements, the characters that will stay with the reader long after the last chapter has ended are the monsters. While they are often referred to as indescribable nightmares, Adrian Smith and a team of some of the most talented sculptors in the industry today have joined forces to bring them to life on the tabletop for the new title from CMON and Guillotine Games, Cthulhu: Death May Die.

Arguably, the Investigators would never have to face an Elder God if it weren’t for their loyal followers. The Cultists are the worst examples of human kind: Madmen, traitors, and fools. Knowing which Elder God they worship is key to defeating them. 

Humans cannot claim sole ownership of planet Earth. Deep below the rolling waves live the Deep Ones in their ancient cities. These horrible, humanoid, fish/frog mutants serve the Elder Gods and plot with their human allies on crushing the surface world into oblivion. On land, they’re not as agile as humans, but still just as strong. In the water, they’re incredibly dangerous, often simply drowning their opponents. 

Ghouls are easy to identify, with their pale, hairless, canine appearance and bloodshot eyes. They can be found in the dark places of the Earth, and sustain themselves on dug up corpses and whatever small animals or children they can steal away. They avoid direct confrontation, but can be very deadly if cornered. 

The Byakhee come from distant worlds on errands for the Elder Gods they serve. With an appearance reminiscent of crows, moles, buzzards, ants, and vampire bats, suffice to say, they test the viewers sanity. They are best dealt with as quickly and decisively as possible.

Cults gather in remote locations, in part due to their unnatural guardians that lurk in the hinterlands. The Hunting Horrors nest with bats in their caves, and emerge with the swarm at dusk. However, their prey is human, and they’re not picky about where they find it. They are resilient, be their greatest strength is their stealth. 

Fire Vampires are revolting terrors that consume energy through mystical means. Flames will sputter, torches will dim, and even gas-fed lights winks out in their presence. They appear from darkness and attack their intended victim. Investigators will have to be wary of the great gouts of flame they expel. 

With no internal skeleton, Chthonians have highly compressible, slug-like bodies. These loathsome beings can squeeze their way through incredibly tight crevices, and appear where they’re least expected. They sustain themselves on the flesh of humans. Investigators would be wise to not become a meal.

The Shoggoth range in size from smaller than a child, to larger than a subway train. The smaller ones are young and hungry. The have at least a base intelligence, able to communicate with Cultists and each other. Their biggest strength is the ability to absorb a shocking amount of firepower and still advance towards their prey.

The Elder Gods are ancient beings, long-worshipped for their evil and strength. Hastur, The King in Yellow, has at times been represented as benevolent, but in Cthulhu: Death May Die, the Investigators are going to be in a fight for their life against him. His gaze is madness, his words shred reality. 

Perhaps no creature is more recognizable in Lovecraftian mythos than Cthulhu, The Thing That Should Not Be. He has slumbered for far too long, but his time has come. First introduced in The Call of Cthulhu, it is described as a gigantic entity, that has the appearance of a human, an octopus, and a dragon. Cthulhu and his followers seek to meld this world with his own dimension, R’lyeh. According to the prophecy, his awakening heralds the end of mankind.

All of the monsters in the game are represented by incredible, highly-detailed miniature figures, sculpted under the supervision of legendary artist, Mike McVey. Each one is nightmare inducing, however one of the models really changed the game and embraced the idea of a gigantic Elder God.

“it’s quite amazing, and I don’t think people will have seen anything like it before,” said McVey about the amazing (and amazingly big) Cthulhu figure. “Special mention has to go to Remy Tremblay, who sculpted it – it nearly broke him, but the results are truly incredible. I’m not sure either he or I ‘enjoyed’ working on it - the challenges were so great - but the final result is astounding.”

The giant Cthulhu figure represents, not just a ground- breaking component in board game history. It is a work of art that lives on long after the game is packed away. The special figure is a Kickstarter Exclusive and it is part of a pledge level, so backers will have to decide if they have the guts to face it!

Cthulhu: Death May Die is full of terrifying monsters, humanoid creeps, evil Elder Gods, and one over-sized figure that will haunt nightmares for years to come. CMON has changed the game with these horrors from R’lyeh. Will the Investigators prevail or is the end …for all of us?

Cthulhu: Death May Die is coming to Kickstarter on July 10 at 3 PM EST. Follow updates to the campaign on the CMON and Guillotine Games Facebook pages.

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Cthulhu: Death May Die - The Monsters

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