Cthulhu in the House at Your FLGS Today

That house at the end of the block has always had some pretty strange visitors, but the cute, cuddly creatures that have been coming and going lately are out of this dimension… literally. Cthulhu in the House is a fun game for the whole family, featuring accessible rules, fast play time, and adorable art by board game legend, John Kovalic. It’s at your FLGS now, so get your hands on it before you’re banished to the abyss!

Three to six players compete in this beastly royal rumble. The house is constructed differently each time you play by assembling the twelve, double-sided room tiles. Each room of the house has some hilarious Lovecraftian elements, like tentacles squirming across the floor or web-footed footprints tracking across the living room. You could spend hours just finding all the hidden details.

The rooms are populated by the twelve ridiculously cute monsters, illustrated by legendary board game artist, John Kovlic. These creatures may have come from a different dimension, but you’ll want to take them home and snuggle them. No time for that, though! This is a battle!

Everyone receives two secret character tokens, indicating which of the monsters are theirs for the round. The longer their monsters stay in the house, the more points they will earn. Round after round, players take one action to either move one of the monsters to an adjacent room or start a fight in a room with two or more monsters, choosing which one to banish. Players would be wise to hide their identity as much as they can! The secret character tokens won’t be revealed until the end of the round, giving everyone a chance to bluff their way to victory.  

After three rounds, whoever has accumulated the most points wins! The rules are very simple, but there are a few twists along the way. Spread throughout the house are different portals that affect some outcomes. The Teleport portal comes into effect after a fight. The winner gets teleported to any other room in the house. The Abyss portal is also resolved after a fight. It reverses the winner of that fight, keeping the loser in the house, and kicking the winner out to the curb. Both portals have a big effect, but the trick is that you won’t know which portal is in your room until the fight is resolved and the portal token is flipped! 

Cthulhu in the House is a silly, fun, monster party that can be learned in minutes and played again and again. The construction of the house, the layout of the portals, and the monsters you receive will be different every time players decide to take up residence in the weirdest house on the block. With careful planning, sneaky play, and a little trans-dimensional luck, you just might be the last unspeakable terror left standing! 

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Cthulhu in the House at Your FLGS Today

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