Dev Diary 3 - Load Up!

“I mean… They’re not using it anymore…”

Michael Shinall here, designer of DCeased - A Zombicide Game, and today, we’re going to talk about an exciting feature: Equipment Cards.

Those familiar with other versions of Zombicide know that Items play an important role in the game, with Survivors typically spending a good portion of the game searching for just the right thing to use against the zombie hordes, granting them powerful attacks and abilities (or sometimes, you find a Frying Pan. You know, whatever luck decides). In DCeased, however, you are not playing random survivors. No, you are playing Super Heroes, each with their own recognized skills and powers, so digging around for a set of machetes or a firearm (the tool of cowards!) doesn’t make much sense… That doesn’t mean though that Super Heroes won’t utilizes a powerful tool when they come across it!

Spread across the map in DCeased, you will find various pieces of Equipment. While not terribly common, you will want to collect as many of them as you can, as they can grant you incredible boons for doing so. Need to take out a large horde of enemies but don’t want to risk getting up close and personal? Can I interest you in a LexCorp Energy Blaster? Ok, perhaps you are the melee type. We have a LexCorp Energy Blade for you in that case, all specifically designed with taking down super-powered threats in mind.

Of course, it’s not all just LexCorp tools and gadgets (though there are plenty of those). Various and iconic items formally belonging to the now-infected Zombie Heroes can also be found across the remains of Metropolis, ranging from Hawkman’s Nth Metal Axe to the legendary Trident of Poseidon, courtesy of a former ruler-of-Atlantis-turned-zombie, Aquaman. Sad, but they would want you to take these and use them however you can to save whomever you can!

Finding and utilizing these tools is a way you can customize your hero to suit your needs. While each Super Hero has their own unique attack and Skills, adding the right Equipment to your arsenal can turn the tides in your favor. The Flash running around with a LexCorp Energy Blade? Probably make some quick (heh) work of zombies. Equipment can also be used to shore-up any gaps in your strategies as well.

Perhaps Hawkgirl could use a LexCorp Repulsor, a small sidearm capable of blasting foes away from her (pairing nicely with her Swooping Charge Skill). Cyborg planting an extremely-powerful-but-dangerous Thermal Bomb? Desperate times, desperate measures…

Either way, this is just one additional method in which DCeased allows you to craft those big, dynamic (awesome), comic-book moments right on the tabletop!

DCeased - A Zombicide Game is coming to Kickstarter on November 14th, 3 pm EST! Sign up HERE to be notified at launch.

Dev Diary 3 - Load Up!

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