Dev Diary 4 - Rescuing the Innocent

Metropolis has fallen. Few survive, and it’s up to you to rescue those who have.

Michael Shinall here, designer of DCeased - A Zombicide Game, and today, we’re diving into the non-super-powered denizens that populate the game.

As you explore the map, you will come across iconic characters who have managed to avoid becoming infected by the Anti-Life Virus (or taken down by those who have). Why does it seem like all these innocent Bystanders are famous supporting characters and not random survivors? Well, this is a comic book-based game, isn’t it?

Sometimes, a mission might be based around rescuing these Bystanders. But even if it is not, they will always play apart of the game, as every map features them. Of course, if the mission doesn’t call for saving them, you absolutely could just leave them to their fate. But that isn’t very heroic now, is it?

In fact, ignoring them and allowing the Zombie Hordes to eliminate them will have immediate and adverse effects on the Super Heroes. So, allowing this to happen should be avoided at all cost (and its just the right thing to do!). But moralities aside, you will also want to go out of your way to save whomever you can, as Bystanders grant powerful benefits to the Super Heroes!

Once Rescued, a Bystander will join your Super Hero, moving with them around the map as the Heroes try to complete their goals. Each Super Hero can have any number of Bystanders following them at any time (your own little survival party!).

Each Bystander also brings with them a powerful effect that can be utilized by the escorting Super Hero.

Jimmy Olsen, for example, is the consummate reporter, and keeps an eye out at all times, granting reactions when nearby enemies converge. Meanwhile, Mercy Graves, Lex Luthor’s personal bodyguard, utilizes those skills to eliminate weaker enemies moving into her Zone.


While all this is going on, Bibbo Bibbowski is right there, cheering on the heroes, granting them additional buffs when they Power-Up!

You never know who will show up in the apocalypse, but being set in Metropolis, you can expect lots of familiar faces from the pages of Superman: Dan Turpin, Lois Lane, Perry White, just to add some additional names to the above list… Oh, and Martha Kent! You have to save Martha! 

DCeased - A Zombicide Game is coming to Kickstarter on November 14th, 3 pm EST. Sign up to be notified by clicking HERE!

Dev Diary 4 - Rescuing the Innocent

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