Discover the World of Trudvang - Part 5

A Dark Past

The world of Trudvang is a dangerous place to live. Death lurks around every corner, as natural phenomena and vicious beasts threaten everyone’s existence. Nowhere is this more keenly known than in the Westmark. The history of this land is a word of warning for what might happen if the darker forces ever gathered together and took over. In our continuing travels through Trudvang, we head out west, to what is now a bastion of learning and thought, but was once a very different place.

The people in the Westmark are known as the Viranns. They were a quiet, peaceful people, spread through their various fishing communities. They were insular and did not bother themselves with the dealings of those in the Mittlands or the Stormlands. Content to just live out their lives, so they did for many generations. However, their scattered nature meant that when the forces of darkness came, there was no single source of resistance against them. As such, one by one, the little hamlets were subdued, with the people being placed in shackles by the trolls and Wildfolk. Most of the people in the region were marched north into the Nhoordland, never to be seen or heard from again.

For generations, the land was a wild and unruly place, seemingly forever being held by the different barbarian tribes. But resistance was growing as Siro Werte, a minor noble with a knightly title, started collecting the few people left and training them to fight. And fight they did. Just as the Viranns had been taken over before, with the enemy going village by village, so did Siro and his army start to reclaim the region. Eventually, having liberated many, Siro was in charge of a mighty army. People began to believe that Siro to be guided by divine providence. Though some scoffed, this was in fact the case. The god Gave had been using Siro to do his work, and during a major battle, Gave manifested themselves and helped the Viranns win ultimate victory against the dark forces.

From that day on, the Westmark was a changed land. The lands and people were blessed with prosperity. The Viranns, of course, worship Gave as not only their savoir, but as the one and only true god. The people are heavily devout, some even considering themselves angels in Gave’s service, and thus partially divine. Most do not recognize other deities or religions, laughing off such notions. They consider other gods to simply be nature spirits not nearly the same level of divine as Gave.

This has led to several holy wars being fought by the Viranns, and many people in the western regions of the Mittlands also worship Gave. While it was strength of arms that had saved them from the barbarians, it is matters of the mind that occupy most people’s time. The Westmark is truly unique in Trudvang in that while strength of arms is certainly not looked down upon, it is the refinement and learning of one’s intellect that is held in highest regard. As such, the Westmark is home to many libraries, schools, and other repositories of learning and knowledge.

Will you be choosing a character that hails from the Westmark when you start playing Trudvang Legends?

By Jason "Polar Bear" Koepp

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Discover the World of Trudvang - Part 5

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