Fight Back Against the Aliens

When the invasion happened, it took everyone by surprise. Major city centers were destroyed. Armies all over the world were quickly overrun. The Janusians (or Proxies, to the soldiers) thought they had an easy victory on their hands. After the initial devastation, they slowed their attacks, wanting to keep as much of the planet intact as possible. But this change has allowed humanity to mount a resistance. While Earth’s regular military forces are gone, there is still Project: E.L.I.T.E. These highly-trained warriors have cutting-edge technology, some taken from the Janusians themselves, and are ready to stage a small-team retaking of the planet. But the alien’s resources are vast. Every second counts out there in the field. Will they be able to turn the tide?

Project: ELITE is CMON’s real-time cooperative game of alien invasion. Each round, players will be working together against not only the oncoming waves of aliens, but also the clock as they try and complete objectives and blast invaders as the time ticks away. The aliens are controlled by a simple set of rules, so the players can keep the action fast a furious. But they must be careful as a single mistake can spell doom for the entire mission and the Earth as a whole.

The action takes place on a double-sided map board, gridded out so players can know where the aliens will be headed. This gives them a bit of an insight into where their foes will be, so they have a bit of an edge. But it’s not a good idea to get cocky as each alien has its own stats, bringing with them vicious claws, biting jaws, and even alien tech to shoot back. Players must also be on the lookout for the alien Bosses. These hulking brutes will take coordinated effort to bring down.

Between the real-time rounds, players will have the ability to take a brief rest, reloading weapons, equipping new gear, and getting ready for the nest barrage of enemies to come across the field. In the end, they will win or lose as a team.

Project: ELITE is available NOW. Be sure to ask your LGS if they will be getting it in!

You can read more about Project: ELITE here.

Fight Back Against the Aliens

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