Fits Like a Glove

Thanos, the Mad Titan, is searching for the Infinity Stones. While each stone is powerful on its own, anyone who can collect all six will gain god-like powers. Hearing of his plan, the Heroes have set out to stop him. But the battle won’t be easy. The Children of Thanos have joined in the search, doing their father’s bidding, and the heroes must stop them before they can collect all six. But even if they manage to save a few, there must still be the final fight against Thanos himself. Will the Heroes succeed and save the universe? That’s up to you to find out in The Infinity Gauntlet expansion of Marvel United. Let’s take a deeper look at just what comes in this action-packed expansion.

This expansion set includes a ton of new cards to integrate into your games of Marvel United, starting with new Locations where you’ll be fighting. Players will fight the Children of Thanos at these locations during the first three games of this campaign-like series of four games. During these initial matches, each member of the Children of Thanos is looking for Infinity Stones, which are represented by cards placed in specific locations in their Masterplan deck. As they’re revealed during the game, they are collected, bringing them back to their master. If at any point the Thanos collects all six Infinity Stones, the players lose the whole campaign. Time is of the essence! The faster the Heroes work, the more they’ll be able to keep Thanos from collecting the Stones.

With any luck, the Heroes will be able to stop at least some of the Stones from falling into Thanos’ hands. In the end the Mad Titan must be faced, armed with whatever Stones his Children have managed to collect along the way. This battle will take place on Thanos’ turf using the six Thanos Locations from the set. During this fourth and final game of the campaign, Thanos will be using whatever Stones he’s collected against the Heroes.

Thankfully, the Heroes aren’t entirely helpless. Along the way, they will have had the chance to unlock special Power-Up cards. If they were able to do so, then they can use these new abilities during the final fight, hopefully evening up the score. It will all come down to this final confrontation. If the Heroes succeed, then they have stopped Thanos and his Children and kept the universe safe. If they fail, then Thanos will get all the Infinity Stones and claim god-like power for himself and his insane plan to destroy half of all living things in the universe.

The Heroes are the universe’s last hope for survival!

The Infinity Gauntlet expansion for Marvel United will be available exclusively as part of the Kickstarter campaign coming soon. Stay tuned for more previews.

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Fits Like a Glove

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