Free Folk Raiders Unit Box

One thing the Free Folk have above all else is strength of numbers. The great Houses only send their trained soldiers into battle, but everyone that’s part of the Free Folk can be put on the battle line. While these troops wear no armor and are equipped with not much more than scavenged weapons and bits of bone, they can crush their opponents by simply overwhelming them with massive waves of screaming, tearing, bashing units. So, while an unseasoned commander might look across the field and laugh at their lack of sophistication, a veteran leader will know to never underestimate the power of these troops. For when one falls, there are invariably two more ready to take their place in the fight.

The Free Folk Raiders Unit Box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives Free Folk commanders a relatively cheap unit to fill out their ranks. At only three points apiece, they are the cheapest unit currently in the game. A player could easily fill their entire deployment zone with trays of these troops, especially considering that they must be fielded in pairs due to their Raid Party special rule. While their stats might be what some would consider sub-par, their cheap cost means there’s plenty of them around. Also, their Insignificant rule means they aren’t worth any Victory Points via Victory Through Combat. Free Folk commanders can feel at-ease, flinging these grunts at whatever their opponent may bring without having to fear that they’re going to be giving up Victory Points for no reason.

However, the Raiders have more to them that makes them excel at swarm-style tactics. Their Gang-up ability is perfect to take full advantage of having more units on the field than your opponent. It grants the Raiders +1 to hit when attacking an enemy that’s already engaged with another friendly unit. So, while a single Raider unit might not be all that powerful, if a Free Folk Commander can manage to get multiples engaged with an opponent, they can really turn into a devastating force.

The Free Folk Raider Unit Box also comes with a Unit Attachment in the form of the Raid Leader. This veteran of several battles can help coordinate combat efforts right on the battlefield. They allow the Free Folk player to activate a second unit during the same activation as the unit they’re attached to. This means that the Free Folk Commander can more-easily set up maneuvers for their various units. For example, one could charge at an enemy and soften them up, and another friendly unit could immediately activate and come in to mop up the remains. If the units are Free Folk Raiders, they can very effectively take advantage of their Gang-up rule, without giving the opposition time to retaliate.

For the Free Folk, the wars in Westeros aren’t about pollical maneuvering and discreet subterfuge. They are searching for a place to settle, and the fertile fields south of The Wall are just the place they’re looking for. They come in a human tidal wave, sweeping across the land. They may not be the most skilled warriors on the battlefield, but they are just as dangerous a foe as any of the great Houses.

The Free Folk Raiders Unit Box will be available at your FLGS on February 22nd.

You can read more about the Free Folk Starter Set here.

Free Folk Raiders Unit Box

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