Friends and Foes in Starcadia

Technology. Isn’t it grand? We’ve got things like computers, electric socks, automatic pepper mills, and the electramowhatsahoozit. How did people ever live before that one was invented? I simply don’t know. And the world of Starcadia Quest has even greater technology than we have now. And on July 24th, you’ll be able to add a pair of technology-based expansions to your games with the release of Build-a-Robot and Showdown. Let’s take a look at what each of these will be bringing to the table.

The Build-a-Robot expansion is for the Starcadia crew that wants a plastic pal who’s fun to be with along with their adventures. And you can even customize them! It’s got six each of robot top and bottom parts so players can create their own custom robot friend to join them as they fight against evil. Each combination gives a new set of abilities that crews can take advantage of as they adventure around. Speaking of crews and adventures, there’s two new crew members players can recruit. Kylee and Leotron are ready to go. And they’ll have a new adventure to go on, as Build-a-Robot comes with its own branching campaign for players to progress through. Of course, a new adventure means new baddies to fight. They come in the form of evil robots. Hey, some are just programmed bad. Will the heroes be able to stop the goings on at the robot factory and shut it down before the robots are able to rise up and take over all of Starcadia? I certainly hope so. Though, my toaster has been giving me funny looks lately…

But technology hasn’t just brought us robot friends (and the occasional robot foe), it’s also brought us the new Hollow Deck. Why’s it called that? Because it’s hollow, of course. And inside that big space, the programmers can make anything and everything you’d ever want! You thought Must See TV was good. This is at least twice as good. And of course the Starcadians are looking to not just meet their heroes from days of yore, but fight against them and see who would win! The Showdown expansion for Starcadia Quest is unlike any other. It comes with new cards so that players can bring all their favorite Arcadia Quest characters into the game… and fight against them! Showdown is full Player-vs-Player as crews are pitted directly against one-another on an all-new arena tile. Grab the new upgrades and show who reigns supreme in the ultimate grudge match for the ages.

These new sets will change Starcadia Quest in fundamental ways, either letting players grab new robots to adventure on an all new quest, or give them an entirely new way to play with pure player-vs-player action. You’ll not want to miss out. Be sure to reach out to your LGS and make sure they’ll have these sets available on July 24th!

You can read more about Build-a-Robot here.

You can read more about Showdown here.

Friends and Foes in Starcadia

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