Get Your Groot On

Grab your favorite cassette of hits from the 60s and 70s and get ready to join up with the most rag-tag and unlikely set of heroes ever to save the universe from destruction. One’s a half-human who was abducted from Earth as a child. One’s a talking raccoon (just don’t call him that) with a fetish for blowing things up. One’s a walking, talking tree that can only say one sentence. Soon, they’ll be making their way to your tabletops in the Guardians of the Galaxy expansion for Marvel United. Let’s take a look at just what comes in this new expansion box.

Star-Lord, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon might not be your average set of Super Heroes, but they’re here to get the job done, nonetheless. Each character comes with their own unique sculpt for the tabletop as well as Hero deck, custom-designed to fit each one of their unique fighting styles. There’s also plenty of new intergalactic locations to fight at and a new villain to take down, as Ronan is causing trouble and must be stopped. He has his own unique sculpt as well as Masterplan deck with which he’ll cause mayhem.

The Guardians of the Galaxy set also includes the option to change out the regular set of Missions that comes with the base game for the Plan B Mission cards. If there’s one thing the Guardians are known for, it’s not playing by the rules. They do their own thing but still somehow get the job done. These new Missions might be tougher, but they come with a greater reward. While completing the third Mission in a regular game is optional but does give a buff to players if they accomplish it, if players can complete all three Plan B Missions, they automatically win the game! It might not be orthodox, but the results speak for themselves.

The Guardians of the Galaxy expansion for Marvel United gives players a new path to victory. Even if players choose to forego trying the Plan B Mission cards, they can still integrate the Heroes and Villains, along with their special locations, into their regular games of Marvel United, expanding options for every game they might play.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Remix expansion set is available during the Marvel United Kickstarter campaign, going on now. Be sure to drop by and pledge for the game, then add to your pledge for this great add-on. Don’t wait! Time won’t last forever!

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Get Your Groot On

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