HATE Is Coming Exclusively To Kickstarter

From the minds that brought you Zombicide and Massive Darkness, comes an all new world of violence and survival unlike any you’ve seen before: HATE, inspired by Adrian Smith’s Chronicles of HATE graphic novel series. Guillotine Games and CMON’s new game comes exclusively to Kickstarter on January 16, 2018 at 3:00PM EST.

HATE is our first Kickstarter exclusive project, so we’ve put together a FAQ to help our fans and retailers.

What is HATE?

Read our game overview here.  Follow us on Facebook for more previews as we get closer to launch.

If HATE is Kickstarter exclusive, does that mean I can’t buy it anywhere else?

Yes and no. HATE will not be regularly available through traditional channels after the Kickstarter; however, it is available as normal to our CMON Play retail members (and thus their customers) through the Kickstarter retail pledge; and it will be available at conventions CMON attends while supplies last.

I’m a retailer, and want to carry HATE at my store. How can I do that?

In early 2017, CMON launched the CMON Play program in North America, allowing members and their customers to take part in our Kickstarters by offering them full access to the campaign, including all Kickstarter exclusives and add-ons. The HATE Kickstarter campaign will be no different.

If you want to carry HATE in your store but you’re not a CMON Play member, please read more about the program here or contact us at cmonplay@cmon.com for more information.

When the HATE Kickstarter launches January 16 at 3:00PM EST, we will begin accepting retail pledges through a special email address opened at that time and announced on www.cmon.com/play

Will HATE be available in multiple languages?

No. HATE will only be offered in English through the Kickstarter campaign. However, like CMON’s other campaigns, anyone in the world can support the campaign and receive the game.

Why is HATE Kickstarter exclusive?

Our ultimate goal with HATE is to offer a game that remains as true as possible to the source material: Adrian Smith’s Chronicles of HATE graphic novels. As you might guess from the name, the world of HATE is not a happy or peaceful one and includes a lot of mature content. We know not everyone will find this type of experience pleasant, so instead of stripping out the atmosphere, we are going direct to those who will want this type of gaming experience, including our retailers through CMON Play.

HATE  Is Coming Exclusively To Kickstarter

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