HATE: The Um'Cal Tribe

Even in this cold world, the concepts of family, community, and friendship are not foreign. To form a Tribe, the members have to learn to let down their guard and build trust in one-another. That trust is important. It’s almost the most important thing, after the will to survive.

Those that lived long enough to join with others and set down roots in a Village, did so because they were able to make the tough decisions that resulted in their survival. Sometimes, that means making a retreat when you’re outnumbered, or attacking your opponent’s flank to catch them off-guard, or even sacrificing one of your own to live to fight another day.

The Um’Cal Tribe knows all about sacrifice. They’ve had to make many to survive over the years. Life is fleeting, but the Tribe will last through the ages. When one of their own falls in battle, the hate within them boils over. Losing a member would make some Tribes wilt in sadness and fear, but the Um’Cal just get mad.

The Um’Cal feed their rage and take advantage of a berserker energy. They slice through foes with a frenzied efficiency that would impress the great warriors of the past. Corpses pile up, and their lost members only serve to fuel the fire within their souls.

In HATE, players can take control of the Um’Cal Tribe as they seek to dominate their enemies. They get bonuses when their members fall on the battlefield. Some situations may even call for them to sacrifice their own people to gain an advantage. This is war, and death is a part of it. Winning might mean dying, but do you really want to live forever?

To the Um’Cal, death is gasoline, and their hate is the match.

HATE is coming to Kickstarter on January 16 at 3PM EST.

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HATE: The Um'Cal Tribe

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