HATE: The Um'Gra Tribe

At the end of the old world, those who survived were scattered like dust all over the Earth.  The weak were quickly picked off and turned into servants or sport for the mighty. Over time, small families formed, leading to groups of people settling together. As trust grew, so did the gatherings of people. Thus, Tribes were formed. These small communities were necessary to keep people safe. Members would fight and die with their Tribe mates, and while trust was necessary within the confines of the Village walls, outside strangers were treated with brutality. You’re one of us, or you’re dead.

The Um’Gra were one of the first groups to form a Tribe. They were brought together by a love of inflicting pain, and it wasn’t long before the reputation of the Um’Gra spread far and wide. They dominated any Tribe they came across and were rulers… for a time. No one Tribe can stay at the top forever, and though fearless, the Um’Gra are not immune to the toll of war. 

Though they’ve been dethroned as the dominant Tribe in the world, the Um’Gra Tribe members come from a long line of warlords. They revel in spilling blood, embrace causing pain, and kill as naturally as taking a breath. They’ve tasted what it’s like to be on top, and will stop at nothing to regain their throne. 

The Um’Gra Tribe is reckless. They fear nothing, and that’s both their greatest asset and their biggest weakness. This Tribe will tackle any challenge without concerning themselves with trivialities, like the likelihood of death. The Um’Gra are never happier than when they’re covered in blood, hacking away at whatever meat was foolish enough to face them on the field of battle. 

In HATE, players will be able to lead the Um’Gra Tribe in a series of Clashes. Over the course of a complete game or Chronicle, the Tribe’s 11 members will develop their skills and become fiercer warriors, but they may also gain scars that handicap them in future battles. What happens on the battlefield and within the walls of the Village, echo throughout the entire game.

HATE is coming to Kickstarter on January 16 at 3 PM EST. Follow the HATE Facebook page for regular updates, including art, miniatures, and articles.

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HATE: The Um'Gra Tribe

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