HATE: The Um'Rak Tribe

When being on your own means risking brutal injury or a painful death, you work to find people you can trust. A Tribe is more than just a gathering of people, it is security against the evils of a world that would tear at your flesh off and spill your innards. Trust can mean eating another meal. Trust can mean living another day. Trust can mean slaughtering another foe.

The Um’Rak Tribe have survived for so long due to their trust for one-another. For generations, they avoided any hierarchy, eschewing leadership for a grim partnership in the business of dealing out death. This trust has lead them to success in war, and they are beginning to feel like it might be time for their Tribe to rise above the bloody rabble and sit upon a throne of skulls.

On the battlefield, the Um’Rak work together, slicing up the enemy like a well-oiled machine. Over the years, they developed attack and defense formations that are formidable for those that must face them in war. 

No matter what they encounter, the Um’Rak stick together, moving as a single unit with one goal in mind: causing pain to those that would oppose them. 

In HATE, players can take control of the Um’Rak Tribe as bludgeon their way through a series of Clashes. Each of the Tribe members will take on their own personalities as they gain skills and scars in their quest for dominance. If they are able to hold their formations in a Clash, the odds are in their favor. Adjacent allies are able to lend support, multiple figures may be activated at once, and best of all, single attacks may be made as a group, descending on opponents like a pack of wild dogs, ripping foes to shreds and then dining on the rewards within. 

Without trust, it’s hard to be successful in most things in life. That goes doubly true for the harsh reality of this new world. There is no mercy, no empathy, no love. There is only trust, and HATE.

HATE is coming to Kickstarter on January 16 at 3PM EST. Follow the HATE Facebook page for updates including miniatures, art, and articles. 

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HATE: The Um'Rak Tribe

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