Hot New CMON Titles Hitting Your FLGS

May is a month of change and rebirth. What’s old is new again and we tend to contemplate the past, even as we look towards the future. There are a number of different CMON games hitting your FLGS today that perfectly encapsulate that sentiment. From the cobblestone streets of Florence, to the high tech world of a future sport, to a fiery encounter with some new enemies, the May releases from CMON will transport players to a variety of new realities!

Florence during the Renaissance period was not a bad place to be for a noble family, but the desire to earn more prestige was ever-present. The problem is that you have to rely on your family to raise your social standing, and they’re not always the most dependable bunch. In Lorenzo il Magnifico, you’re the head of your family, and you’re seeking to develop your standing in the community, while still paying the proper tribute to the church. Over the course of six rounds, you send out your family members to conquer territory, construct buildings, make powerful allies, and go off on exciting ventures. The value of the different family members is determined by the roll of the dice, but no matter what you do, you’re always stuck with the black sheep of your clan. Resources and money are tight, so you may have to make sacrifices along the way, but don’t forget about the church or you risk excommunication. Lorenzo il Magnifico is a fun, strategic exploration of the power of family. 

We next go from the Renaissance period to the not-too-distant future, where the underground sport of bot battles has become all the rage and people travel great distances to compete in the arena of champions. In Gekido: Bot Battles, you take control of your very own bot and enter it in the ring to duke it out with other metal gladiators. Each bot is represented in the arena by a highly detailed, pre-painted miniature figure. The arena itself plays a role in the combat, with elements like laser turrets, hot grills, and energy stations all affecting battles. On your turn, you’ll roll the Attack dice, attempting execute an assault on your target. Roll successfully and you can deal out some massive damage, but misfire and that may result in damage to your own bot. Tech cards can come in handy for both Attack and Defense. Use them wisely and your bot might come out on top. Only one bot will be left standing at the end of the match. With clever play, strategic attacks, and a little luck, it just might be yours! 

There are also a slew of new goodies being released for Arcadia Quest today. Whole Lotta Lava introduces two new challenging scenarios for Arcadia Quest: Inferno. The Heroes will have to face off with new foes like Ignos, the son of a fire and earth elemental, who has a bit of a hot temper. Also challenging the Heroes will be the Hellcats and the Fallen Angel. Just when you thought your Inferno campaign was over, they drag you back down to the depths. Speaking of hot challenges for the Guilds of Arcadia, the Fire Dragon box is hitting your FLGS today. Mog’dor has chosen the main square of Arcadia as a pretty good site for his coming of age party, and only some brave Heroes can stand in his way. The Fire Dragon box can be added as an exciting climactic battle to any campaign. The Guilds will have to put aside their differences or Arcadia will burn! Rounding off the Arcadia Quest releases for this month are the Hero and Pet packs, the Guild Dice, and Inferno Plastic Token packs. Every adventure could use new Heroes and now you can add some like Viola and Crash, Yona and Kuruk, or Anvil and Valma. The Pet packs 1 & 2 include some new cuddly critters that can be added to your Arcadia Quest adventures. The Guild Dice pack will allow each different Guild to have their own set of dice. No more sharing! Finally, the Inferno Plastic Tokens pack completely upgrades the 57 cardboard tokens from Arcadia Quest: Inferno. These highly detailed tokens are durable and beautiful, and they’re the perfect compliment to your Inferno set. 

CMON’s releases in May transport players to different worlds, different timelines, and different adventures. Whether you’re looking for a tense strategy game set in a classic period, a no-holds-barred beat ‘em up set in the future, or some exciting new additions to world full of adventure, we’ve got you covered. Get down to your FLGS to check out some of these hot new titles! 

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Hot New CMON Titles Hitting Your FLGS

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