House Bolton Heads to War

House Bolton is a wild card in the War of the Five Kings. They have a long and extensive history of animosity with House Stark in particular. This goes back thousands of years, with both Houses occasionally having the upper hand. While, in the end, the Starks were victorious and House Bolton was supposedly under their control, that grasp of power was extremely tenuous. The Boltons, well known for flaying men, had been ordered to stop the practice. But everyone also figured that the act remained, being done in secret, out of the view of the Starks’ judging eyes. In the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game, House Bolton’s loose ties with House Stark, and no official backing of any other major House means that they are a Neutral faction, aligning with any faction they believe will bring them greater power and glory. And they’re rather grim services, too. The House’s fearsome reputation follows them onto the battlefield, terrifying anyone who stands across the field from them. This month, three new House Bolton unit boxes will be hitting store shelves.

The Bolton Cutthroats revel in getting up close and personal with their opponents. They are simply armed and armored, but their brutal efficiency is often enough to get the job done, that job being the slaughter of opponents. These men kill for sport, and it shows on their stat card by gracing them with the Vicious trait, which will certainly cause enemies to fail Panic Tests on a regular basis. The Bolton Cutthroats Unit Box contains 12 miniatures in four different sculpts as well as one Dreadfort Captain Unit Attachment. They’re more than eager to spill blood, no matter whose it is.

The use of dogs in hunting goes back thousands of years, if not millions. Faster and with a better sense of smell than a man, they can track down any form of prey they are set upon. For House Bolton, they have a practice of making that prey men. These vicious beasts have been bred and trained specifically for use on the battlefield. They swiftly and effectively run down opponents, biting and clawing with vicious abandon. When led by trained handlers, even a well-armored opponent can be brought low. The Bastard’s Girls Unit Box contains 12 miniatures, consisting of eight dog and four tracker figures. This highly mobile unit can perform both ranged attacks and a charge in the same activation, letting them whittle away enemies at range, then charge in for the kill. Beware of dog.

While House Bolton doesn’t tend to worry about the armor worn by their regular soldiers, the Cutthroats and Bastard’s Girls handlers wear little more than leathers, when it comes to their cavalry, they spare no expense. The Flayed Men, as they are known, are the most heavily armored cavalry unit in all of Westeros. Clad in thick, black-lacquered armor and carrying heavy shields, they can turn away even the sturdiest blows. Their horses are similarly suited up in heavy barding, meaning only the largest (and usually meanest) horses can even be used, otherwise they’d collapse under the weight. Armed with fierce war-flails, they take to the field like a mobile fortification. Enemies despair as their strikes glance off, while the Flayed Men’s flail bend over shields or wrap around limbs. The Bolton Flayed Men unit box comes with four cavalry miniatures ready to cause mayhem and chaos on the field.

House Bolton of Dreadfort is known for its savagery. In civilized society, such a disposition may be looked down upon. However, when the Iron Throne is at stake, their ruthless attention to the act of murder is just what most commanders are looking for. You can find these units on store shelves at the end of the month. They’ll be ready for battle on October 26.

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House Bolton Heads to War

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