Household: Meet the Boggarts

In the Household RPG, which will heading to Kickstarter on May 18th (you can sign up to be notified HERE!), there is the story of the Saga of The Fragile Peace, a playable campaign that comes with 24 pre-made characters, fully ready to play. There is a character for every type of Folk and in every Profession, so you can simply pick one and get right to playing!

Today, we will meet the 6 characters that belong to the Boggart Folk, so say hi to…

Jemma Reed, Boggart Soldier

The war was hard on Jemma's family, and to her the Fae Folk was not to be trusted ever again. Rather than spending her time in the Army to serve them, steadfast and stubborn Jemma chose to move to the Basement and work as a mercenary.

Gwen Summers, Boggart Scholar

Working in her family pawnshop, the clumsy and outgoing Gwen had all the time and opportunity to study to her heart’s content and find what would become her greatest adventure: the amazing research of Argo the Bureaucrat.

Humphrey Lockwood, Boggart Hunter

His acquaintances would describe Humphrey as a quiet loner with no friends and no den. He comes into town just to cash in his trophies before going back out to hunt. Nobody would notice if he one day left and never returned.

Sienna Blackwell, Boggart Criminal

From her granny, Sienna inherited her determination and strength of character, her ability to shrug off life’s terrible events to focus on the good and fun things, and, most importantly, the willingness to take anything she wants without ever asking for permission.

Earnest Gilmore, Boggart Duelist

Since he was a child, Earnest dreamed of one day becoming a famous duelist, just like the ones in his mum’s stories. His awkward clumsiness didn’t stop him from enrolling in the Fencing Academy and using his beauty and brawn to become the pride of Wallford.

Floyd Hansen, Boggart Animal Handler

Floyd faced all adversities with his brother, even War! Until one day their paths parted: the brave soldier died on the battlefield, and Floyd, who was a good-hearted Littling, kept training the best mice for the troops of the Hearth.

That’s it for this preview. Which of these Boggarts are you thinking about playing first when you get your copy of Household? Stay tuned as we continue looking at the different Folk.

Household: Meet the Boggarts

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