Lunchtime, Fun Time! Great games to play during your lunch break!

Fitting the board gaming hobby into a busy schedule can be hard. If you're lucky, you can squeeze in a game night every week, but the little obligations of life pile up and often get in the way. That can make lunch hours at work a golden time to sneak in a game or two. If you work with people who share your love of games or at least are willing to give them a shot, you might just be able to start a regular gaming siesta in your office or place of work.

Now, starting an at work gaming group can take a bit of finesse. You may be introducing games to people completely new to the hobby, or ones that can be overly competitive in other aspects of life. You also don't want to be necessarily carting around a game that would take longer to set up in the break room than you have hours at work. Finding the right games that balance quick playtime, accessible rules, and high portability is key to turning your workmates into your gaming group. Here are three suggestions that are a perfect fit no matter what the situation is at your place of employment.

The Team Building Cooperative Game: The Grizzled

Work can sometimes be like a battlefield. You need to be able to depend on your coworkers and feel as if they have your back if you're going to get through another day. The Grizzled is set in the trenches of World War 1, and although it is a game about war, not a single shot is fired. The Grizzled is a cooperative game where players must work together to survive the trials and hardships of war. You face a number of different missions and only through trust, careful planning, and a little bit of luck will you be able to get through the war. The key is to support the player that needs it the most. That simple unselfish act may lead to victory. There is also an expansion you can add, The Grizzled: At Your Orders. It features Mission cards with specific goals you have to complete and gives players the ability to set the difficulty level they want to face. Win or lose, your team will be much stronger after playing The Grizzled.

The Stab Your Buddy in the Back Game: Looterz

Maybe one of your coworkers ate your lunch from the fridge, maybe someone keeps stealing your parking spot, or maybe a they insist on listening to their bad music a little too loud all day. There are any number of reasons you might be looking for a way to get back. Looterz allows you to assemble a team, head up to a dragon's lair and steal his gold. The catch is that everyone else will be doing the same thing. You'll spend your turns recruiting Looterz to your team, searching for gold, and stabbing your opponents in the back. Those jerks won't know what hit them when your team of plunderers walks away with the riches and all the pride. With over sixty Looterz in the deck, you'll always be coming up with new combinations of wacky characters ready to do your bidding. While Looterz is competitive, the art, theme, and gameplay are light enough that no one should be walking away with severely damaged feelings. If they do, give them a workplace appropriate handshake and firmly state “Good Game!” They'll be just fine!

The I Just Want to Turn Off My Brain and Roll Dice Game: Ta-Da!

Let's be honest, you work pretty darn hard. Sometimes you need your break to be a time you can stop thinking so much and just start having fun! Ta-Da! is a fast-paced dice rolling game where you compete to collect symbols to cast spells. It's the annual Wizard Showdown, and you’re competing to see who's the fastest in the land. Each round players frantically roll their dice to collect the symbols they require to cast their spells. As soon as you've completed your spell, you yell “Ta-Da!” Once two players have completed a spell, the round is over. Some of the spells will even give you a special ability, which is pretty sweet. It's a race to see who can complete six spells the fastest. Each round you'll also have a Feat card that everyone will have to contend with. This card can force everyone to play with T-Rex arms or talk like a pirate. Up to six wizards can compete in each game of Ta-Da! It is wild, fun and definitely best suited for a workplace where you can scream and laugh. The rules are simple and the rounds so quick that you could easily hold a mini tournament or even run a Ta-Da! League. Dare to dream!

Lunchtime, Fun Time! Great games to play during your lunch break!

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