Macabre Delivery: New Materials for The Others at your FLGS

There are some new releases for The Others in your FLGS today! The heroes of F.A.I.T.H. are going to get some reinforcements with the Gamma Team. It’s a good thing too, because with the release of more Sins into the world, they’re going to need it. Gluttony and Wrath are perfect for the Sins player who just can’t get enough evil, and flies into a rage when they’re denied. There's a little something for everyone at your FLGS today.

It has been a tough run for the F.A.I.T.H. team. They’re run down and looking for some support.  Luckily, the Gamma Team box has everything F.A.I.T.H. needs to turn the tide in their favor. It includes five different Heroes, featuring six miniatures. Keanu is the Leader of the team. A U.S. Army Vet, he has incredible powers, both mental and physical. Losing his arms hasn’t slowed him down since they were replaced with the finest of cybernetic technology. Doc is one of the smartest gorillas you’re ever going to meet. He’s the result of mixing human and gorilla DNA, as well as memory enhancers and cybernetic enhancements. He’s got the smarts, but don’t forget the fact that he’s also a mountain of muscle. Skye was raised by wolves, well… werewolves. Both her parents had the curse, passing it on to her. They brought her up in the woods, feeding on rabbits and deer, until her father was killed and Skye and her mother were integrated into society. Despite her bestial nature, it’s Skye’s sweet side that keeps the team together. The Gamma Team box also provides 12 Upgrade cards, three Hero dice, five City tiles, including the Catacombs and the Cemetery, and two new types of Acolytes: the Corrupted Diplomats and the Corrupted Gangsters. Everything you need to get this end of the world party started! 

Gluttony provides a very enticing option for the Sins player. This Sin feeds off the needs of the players and will force them to practice restraint, sometimes foregoing something they desperately need. Whenever the Heroes get an Upgrade card, the Sins player gets a Sin card. Whenever they gain an Extra Turn token, the Sins players earns a Reaction token. The more the Heroes get, the more they feed the Sin. Included in the Gluttony box are some of the most incredible and haunting minis ever produced. There are six Gluttony Abomination figures, as well as the Gluttony Controller and the Gluttony Avatar. For the Heroes facing off against this Sin, they’ll have to question if more is always a good thing. 

Fighting for the fate of the world can easily turn someone angry. The Sin of Wrath plays on that anger and takes advantage of it. When the Heroes release their anger on an enemy, killing it, the Sins player is allowed to move another monster on the board. The more killing the Heroes do, the more of a tactical advantage the Sins player has. The Wrath box is full of angst, anger, and hate; the perfect combination for a night of gaming with friends. It includes six Abominations, one Controller, and the physical embodiment of Wrath itself, the Avatar. All of these creatures are represented by amazing, highly detailed miniature figures.  

The Others is like a gift that keeps on giving… or a nightmare you never wake up from. Either way, these new materials will be a welcome addition to your next battle for the fate of the world. No matter what side you play for, today is a great day for fans of The Others

Macabre Delivery: New Materials for The Others at your FLGS

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