March Releases for CMON

As this cold and blustery March comes to an end, we’ve got some exciting new releases available. Today, the Rising Sun core box and several expansion sets are available in your FLGS. We also have a new crop of Wrath of Kings box sets that you can pick up now.

The Kami, the ancient gods of Japan, have grown angry about how the land is being ruled. They have decided a new age must begin. The Kami have tasked the great Clans with bringing about this new era. However, only one Clan can lead, and each one feels they have the best idea of how the country should be ruled. At the end of the year, one will be chosen. Using diplomacy or direct conflict, each Clan looks to prove that they have the divine right to rule. Rising Sun puts players in charge of one of these Clans. They must work at spreading their influence across the land, deploying their forces and building Strongholds, while also sending their Shinto priests to worship at Kami shrines. Along the way, they may recruit some of the mythical creatures that inhabit Japan. Players are encouraged to form alliances with others, granting benefits to both. However, one’s own goals will sometimes cause these alliances to break, granting one side extra power, even as it tarnishes their Honor.

Three expansions are also available this month for Rising Sun. The Dynasty Invasion expansion adds even more Clans to the game. Both the Sun and the Moon Clans hail from beyond Japan, worshipping strange new gods, but they have decided that Japan will be theirs to mold in their image. This set includes two new full Clans, including Clan Screen, Tokens, and figures. It also adds the seven Lucky Gods to the game. Each one has their own Season card and highly detailed miniature. These Lucky Gods are the equivalent to the Monsters in the base game, but can only be acquired by the Sun and Moon Clans. Likewise, these Clans are unable to hire the services of the regular Monsters.

Kami Unbound introduces a whole new ruleset for Rising Sun, as well as seven highly detailed miniatures, one for each of the Kamis in the game. It also includes Kami Power cards and new Season cards. The Kami have decided that simply letting the Clans do all the work is not enough when reshaping Japan. As such, they are manifesting themselves in the world, giving their services to the Clan that shows them reverence. Each Kami in the game starts off the board. When a player sends a Shinto to the temple to worship, that player gains control of the figure on the board, adding one Force to their army for battles and Harvests. They also gain control or the related Kami Power card, which provides a special bonus for the Province the Kami is in. 

Rising Sun is full of monsters from Japanese folklore that players can recruit to their Clan. The Monster Pack expansion adds to that number. It includes four Monsters, each with their own Season card and incredible miniature figure. There is the terrifying tree Jinmenju, which steals resources from everything around it when it’s summoned. The menacing Fire Dragon has three Force and burns the ground before a battle, eliminating a figure from every opposing Clan present. The Oni of Plagues thrives on dishonor, keeping those with higher Honor away. Finally, the Jorogumo is a fearsome spider with the ability to seduce opposing figures to your side of a battle.

Also available now, new recruits are hitting the battlefields of Arikania for Wrath of Kings. Three of the five Great Houses have releases in the form of new box sets. There’s two each for Nasier, Goritsi, and Shael-Han. All of them bring new options for commanders. House Nasier gets the Izari Warhounds and Firehawk Reavers. Meanwhile, Shael-Han can now recruit the Dragon Lancers and Paragons of Wrath. Finally, House Goritsi commanders will be able to field the Whitemane Duelists and Gotha Knights.

A new season is upon us and you can start it off with all these new releases, available now at your FLGS.

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March Releases for CMON

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