March Releases for Wrath of Kings

This month, new recruits are hitting the battlefields of Arikania for Wrath of Kings. Three of the five Great Houses have releases in the form of new box sets. There’s two each for Nasier, Goritsi, and Shael-Han. All of them bring new options for commanders.

House Nasier starts out with the Izari Warhounds. These elite troopers are paired up with a highly-trained dog. The dog is given a ceremonial mask, which gives it limited telepathic abilities with its handler, letting the two work as a much more cohesive team. Nasier is also getting the Firehawk Reavers. These specialized warriors have traded in their dueling blades for tridents, making them ideal for leading charges right into the midst of the enemy’s defensive formations.

For House Shael-Han, tradition reigns supreme. Their Dragon Lancer units are equipped with ancient arms and armor, passed down for generations, imbued with spiritual power, granting these fighters with powers beyond normal human capacity. Shael-Han also knows that protecting key individuals is important. That’s why they employ the Paragons of Wrath. These bodyguards are fiercely dedicated to keeping the House’s commanders safe on the battlefield.

House Goritsi tends to favor specialists when it comes to their units. They may only do one thing, but they’re the best ones on the battlefield in their particular job. When it comes to surgical strikes, the Whitemane Duelists cannot be beat. They’re able to quickly get to their target and eliminate it extremely efficiently. On the defensive side of the battle, there’s the Gotha Knights. Once these werewolves dig their claws in, almost nothing can move them.

All of these sets will be hitting store shelves on March 30. 

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March Releases for Wrath of Kings

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