Massive Darkness Extras: The Darkness Deepens

As November rolls along, the nights get longer and longer, the darkness spreads over all the land, and the world gets colder (at least in the Northern Hemisphere). The Darkness is also spreading in the world of Massive Darkness, with four new releases this month. New enemies are crawling out of the tunnels, but thankfully, there are also new Lightbringers ready to do battle in the seemingly never-ending labyrinth. Let’s take a deeper look at each of these, so you can be well-prepared to keep the Darkness at bay.

Aww, rats! No, seriously! Rats! These squeaky scavengers are mostly associated with sewers, but they’re just as at home in the dark and dank caves that the Darkness likes to call home. The Massive Darkness: Enemy Box: Ratlings will make you search for a bigger mousetrap, with two different types of Ratling mobs, including warriors and crossbowmen. And you’ll really need a huge mousetrap to take out the Ratling Bully. It’s not often that you need to look up to see eye-to-eye with a rat.

It’s a well-known fact that elephants are afraid of mice and rats. But something tells me that the Hellephant doesn’t care at all. This massive monster is armed to the tusks with claws and a bad attitude to match. Facing off against this pernicious pachyderm are the Bloodmoon Assassins. The Massive Darkness: Heroes & Monster set: Bloodmoon Assassins vs. Hellephant box introduces three new Heroes, along with the Bloodmoon Assassin class. As you would expect, this nimble class excels in hit-and-run tactics, bleeding the enemy dry with lightning-quick strikes to vulnerable spots, dealing extra wounds while remaining safely in the shadows.

While “sneaky” tactics might get the job done, there are those that eschew such trickery and, instead, choose to fight honorably, even against foes entirely lacking in honor. The Noble Warrior class, found in the Massive Darkness: Heroes & Monster set: Noble Warriors vs. Cockatrix box, is the ultimate team-player. Their abilities help all allies around them, granting extra defense, and even healing wounds. They are truly a strong rock upon which the enemies will break. However, if anything is liable to chip away at that rock, it’s the hardened beak of the Cockatrix. This massive bird/dragon hybrid is here to prove that it’s no chicken. You’d best deal with this monster quickly and decisively, unless you want to see how fowl-tempered it can truly become.

Hopefully, the Lightbringers will be able to take down the Cockatrix. Not only because it’s a servant of the Darkness, but also because they’re mighty tasty. Though finding a heat source to cook one up can be tough. However, in the Massive Darkness: A Quest of Crystal & Lava tiles pack, the flowing streams of molten rock give you plenty of heat. This pack of 15 double-sided tiles includes the nine core box tiles, and also six that are all-new. It also includes a brand new six-quest campaign. The Crystal Caves had been a place that inspired lovers and poets, but the Darkness has set up shop and must be rooted out. The Lightbringers will head down into the very heart of a volcano to rid this menace from the land.

All of these new releases will bring new options and new challenges to your games. Mix and match them to create thrilling gaming sessions. 

These new expansions will be available at your FLGS on November 17.

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Massive Darkness Extras: The Darkness Deepens

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