May Releases for CMON

The days are getting warmer and it’s enough to make people consider setting off on new adventures. The open road is calling and those with curiosity in their heart will answer. Whether they are interested in building a new palace to attract people to their realm, or they’re simply looking to set up an economic empire, or returning to their homeland and restoring it to its former glory, the path leads outside their door. Today, CMON is introducing three new games to your FLGS that offer a chance at a new beginning.

The old ways are coming to an end. The once majestic Dragon Castle lies in ruins. However, it was built with sturdy materials, and those stones can be used again. Taking from the remains of the once beautiful structure, builders can begin again by constructing a new palace worthy of the Elder Dragon. In Dragon Castle, players take tiles from the crumbling palace and use them to construct their own dwelling. Inspired by the traditional Chinese game Majong, players will work to create a castle worthy of the Spirits. Each turn, they will choose one of four different actions which allow them to collect tiles from the crumbling ruins, gain Shrines to use in scoring, earn points, and summon the Dragon. As they construct their palace in their own region, they must choose carefully where to place the tiles. When sets of four or more of the same type are connected, they are scored. The bigger the grouping, the more points are earned. Players will also be able to add Shrines to their palace for end of game scoring. The higher the level of the Shrine, the more points it will earn. As the old Dragon Castle is diminished, players are able take Countdown tokens to Summon the Dragon, earning points for their efforts. Once the last Countdown token is taken, the current round is completed and the points are tallied. Whoever has earned the most points earns the respect of the Elder Dragon and attracts the people to their realm so it will flourish and prosper for centuries!

If prospering is your main goal in life, setting up a trade empire can be the way to do it! In Council of 4, players work to create a thriving business that spans across the entire kingdom. The three different realms of the Empire are each controlled by a council made up of four nobles from the elite class. Players are able to elect certain Nobles to the council in a realm in an effort to earn the permits they need to set up shop. Each turn, players take one of four main actions and then may take a supplementary quick action. Main actions allow them to elect new council members in a region, acquire Business Permit tiles, use Permits to place a Merchant in a City, or when all else fails, to appeal to the Queen for her assistance to begin selling somewhere in the kingdom. It can be tough to have influence over the entire Council in a region, so players may have to be prepared to grease some palms to get the Permits they need. However, it will all pay off if they can build a mighty trade route. Each time a new Merchant is added to a City on the board, they obtain a bonus from that City and from any City connected to it by roads where they have also placed a Merchant. If they plan well, they will be able to create a vast network of shops that spans far and wide. Once a player places their 10th Merchant on the board, everyone takes a final turn and the game ends. The player with the most victory points wins the game and is recognized as the most renowned Merchant in all the land. 

From a kingdom of great prosperity to one that has fallen from glory. The land of Xian was once the jewel of the Panda empire, but centuries ago, it was invaded by Ninjas. Now its former beauty exists only in rumors and whispers. With a new Emperor on the throne, the time is right to take back Xian. In Way of the Panda, players take control of Panda Clans tasked with freeing the land from the Ninja invaders. With their three Champions and a host of Guards, they will travel from village to village, engaging in combat and reconstructing the demolished buildings. Along the way, they will be able to go on different Quests and increase the strength of their Champions. All of the important decisions are made on the Action board. The more powerful the Action a player wants to take, the more Action points it costs to do it and the further down the Action board they have to go. Each turn must be planned out carefully, because once an Action is taken, players must always proceed further down the Action board. The different Panda Clans have the shared goal of defeating the Ninjas, but only one Clan will earn enough points to take their place at the side of the Emperor.

Today, there are three new adventures coming to your FLGS. Each provides its own challenges and goals for players. Whether you want to construct a new castle, build an economic empire, or return to your homeland, there is a game for you. With Dragon Castle, Council of 4, and Way of the Panda, there is a little something for everyone from CMON in May!

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May Releases for CMON

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