May Releases Now Available

It’s been a little bit of a wait, but the May releases are finally here! We’ve got quite a cache of new releases available for you. If you’re a Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game player, you’ll be happy, for sure. There are six new unit boxes hitting the shelves today. Along with that, CMON Play retailers can now order Game Night Kit #2. Those interested in bringing a new board game to family game night will be in luck, too, as Wacky Races: The Board Game is also now available. Let’s take a deeper look at each of these new releases.

Four different factions get releases specifically for them this month. To begin with, House Stark is getting their Heroes Box #2 set. It includes such characters as Arya and Rickon Stark (as well as Rickon’s direwolf, Shaggydog), along with Syrio Forel, Arya’s fencing coach. Jojen and Meera Reed also make an appearance. With plenty of new unit attachments, the set is certain to change up how Stark players build their forces.

House Lannister is also getting a Hero Box #2 with this release. King Joffrey has decided that he will not simply sit on the Iron Throne, but he will also take to the field of battle. He is accompanied, of course, by the King’s Guard. Each of these figures is a character in their own right, and when not fielded as part of the King’s Guard, can be used as a unit attachment.

The Lannisters get a second release this month with the Warrior’s Sons unit box. These religious warriors are a well-trained and well-armed melee unit. Their faith in the Seven is their strongest ability. Whenever they pass a Morale test, they gain a Faith token that can then be spent on a bonus of some kind. This unit is sure to cause headaches for opponents on the field.

The Free Folk’s forces are just about as far as you can get from the gleaming armor of the Lannister’s forces. They have two unit releases this month, starting with the Cave Dweller Savages. While most of the Free Folk would claim that they are more than just barbarians from the north, the Cave Dweller Savages don’t even care what someone might call them. While they might only be clothed in scavenged furs and wield just whatever they can get their hands on, they’re a cheap and effective unit on the battlefield.

A bit further up the sophistication scale for the Free Folk are the Trappers. Many years of hunting for sustenance has taught them how to create snares of all kinds. Now on the battlefields of Westeros, they still put that knowledge to good use. Though, instead of capturing dinner, they’re tripping up enemy forces as they attempt to march across the battlefield. No enemy’s footing can be considered secure while the Trappers are on the field.

The last of the new boxes for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game for the month is the Night’s Watch Conscripts Unit Box. The Night’s Watch is usually an army of elites. This generally means high point costs for the units, and a commander might be afraid of being heavily outnumbered or end up with extra points left over when building an army. The Conscripts are a relatively cheap unit to field. Their stats reflect this, as they’ve not gone through the heavy training the rest of the army has. But the unit continually adds to its numbers, thus making them a dangerous foe to face. Opponents must deal with them entirely, lest the unit returns to full fighting strength in the next several rounds.

The other A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game release this month is the Game Night Kit #2. CMON Play retailers can order this kit, filled with exclusive prizes for those that participate in a Game Night event. This set contains exclusive sculpts for both the Conscripts and the Spearwives, as well as special dice bags and measuring sticks. Head over to your LGS and see when they will be running a Game Night event.

For those that want some family fun during your next game night, look no further than Wacky Races: The Board Game. Players take on the role of one of the titular Wacky Racers, each with their own miniature and special abilities, and head out onto the track to grab the checkered flag. They’ll have to watch out for Dick Dastardly, though. He and Muttley are also racing along, controlled by the game itself. They’re also setting up nasty traps to do in the other Racers. Avoid the traps and cross the finish line first to win!

That’s all this month. You can head out to your LGS now and pick up these amazing releases. We’ll see you again next month with more!

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May Releases Now Available

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