New Releases Now Available

Battlefields all across Westeros are getting reinforcements today. There are four new box sets being released for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. Houses Baratheon and Targaryen, along with the Free Folk are getting faction-specific kits, while the Bloody Mummers will gladly sell their services to anyone willing to pay the price. Let’s take a quick look at each of these sets available now online and down at your LGS.

Starting out, House Baratheon is getting the Baratheon Wardens unit box. The house has been torn in two by Renly’s and Stannis’ feud over who should take over the Iron Throne, both having eyes on it. They’ve divided up the House’s resources, each grabbing what they can. Being a plentiful asset as the House’s mainline troops, the Baratheon Wardens will work for either brother. They take to the field as some of the most-heavily-armored main troops on the field. Their warhammers will easily smash apart armor, making them a hard-hitting melee unit.

Also getting a mainline troop choice added to their forces, House Targaryen is getting the Dothraki Screamers cavalry unit as their release for the month. Dothraki are all-but born in the saddle, learning to ride at a very young age and spending much their life astride a mighty warhorse. This familiarity with horses makes Dothraki cavalry second to none in terms of horsemanship skills. They train relentlessly with their Dothraki Arakhs, able to wield them effectively in combat. This fast unit can be where the Targaryens need them. They are certain to cause headaches for opponents on the battlefield.

The Free Folk are getting a rather unique set in the form of the Skinchangers box set. It comes with two Skinchangers unit attachments and the requisite animals that they can control. Skinchangers don’t follow the regular Unit Attachment rules, in that they can be added to a unit that already has a different Unit Attachment in it. When building their army, the Free Folk player can choose to have the Skinchanger tied to a wolf, eagle, or bear. Each one has their own special rules, from doing more damage when the enemy rolls Defense saves to giving extra maneuverability during charges to adding a ferocious extra unit to the field. However, they’re utilized, they’re sure to change up how enemies see the ambient fauna around their army.

Finally, the Bloody Mummers are making their presence known in a big way with the Bloody Mummer Skirmishers. Part of the infamous mercenary company known for their bright, flamboyant clothing, the Skirmishers are dangerous both on offense and defense. When attacking, if they go after a unit that hasn’t activated yet in the round, they give Weakened to their target. When attacked in melee, they can parry attacks, turning Attack rolls of 1 into an automatic Wound for the attacker. Foes will soon learn that those loud colors are screaming, “Danger!”

All of these sets are available now. Will they help your chosen force make it onto the Iron Throne?

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New Releases Now Available

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