New Rum and Bones: Second Tide Expansions Set Sail

Arr, me hearties! Davey Jones’ treasure is prime for the takin’. Ye just need to be the saltiest of sea dogs to get away with it! Yarr harr! Rum & Bones: Second Tide is getting three new releases this month, including a whole new faction, a set of faithful Heroes, and some monsters from the deep.

The strange magics that surround the sea have brought more than just humans from different times all together in one place. They’ve pulled beings from other dimensions as well. That’s how Captain Highbrow and his Blutrausch Legion have come to sail the seas in search of Davey Jones’ treasure. This new expansion set contains an entirely new faction for the game. It has five heroes, 24 deckhands, a custom Tide deck, three ships, and more. The emerald waves just got a little more menacing. 

Along with the Blutrausch Legion, the Holy Crusaders of the Iron Inquisition have set sail for adventure. These righteous Heroes are looking to convert heathens… and maybe pick up some gold along the way. This set of five Heroes can be used to supplement any crew you might take to sea with, and comes complete with character boards and unique skill cards. Praise the lord and pass the cutlass! 

The sea is a cruel mistress with many strange creatures at her beck and call, ready to drag any land lubbers down to the crushing depths. The Sea Monsters expansion pack contains new miniatures for both the Kraken and the Sea Dragon from the Rum & Bones base game. But also included are three all-new creatures to crawl aboard. Each one has their own dashboard, complete with new abilities to prey upon the surface dwellers. 

The Rum & Bones: Iron InquisioinRum & Bones: Blutrausch Legion, and Rum & Bones: Sea Monsters expansions will be available at your FLGS on June 23.  

Learn more about Rum & Bones: Second Tide here.

New Rum and Bones: Second Tide Expansions Set Sail

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