November Releases For CMON

In your FLGS today, CMON has some new releases that will make you rethink the meaning of teamwork. From a semi-cooperative struggle over the throne, to a new crew for adventures on the high seas, to a whole bunch of new material for battles in the dark, these releases will test the bonds of friendship and make you question how much can you trust your team.

King Richard is away fighting in the Crusades, leaving his throne unguarded. It’s an opportunity to show your loyalty, or to try and snatch it for yourself. In Richard the Lionheart, you team up with either famed outlaw Robin Hood and some of his merry men trying to defend the throne for Richard while he’s away, or as John Lackland and his co-conspirators as they work to usurp the crown and take control of England for themselves. Throughout the game, you move around England taking advantage of the special abilities associated with different locations. Each team must contribute cards to influence the return of the king, but how much can you trust your allies? At the end of the game, either Robin Hood’s team or John Lackland’s team will win, but only the player who has acquired the most prestige will be the ultimate winner. In Richard the Lionheart, you need to rely on others, until it’s time stab them in the back. Just make sure you don’t already have a dagger in your own when that time comes.

When you’re at sea, you want to have a crew you can trust. They don’t have to be the prettiest, or the smartest, but when it’s time to board an enemy ship, you want them to be the meanest. That’s what you get with the Blutrausch Legion Heroes Set #1 for Rum and Bones: Second Tide. These pirates have a decidedly green tint to their skin that has nothing to do with seasickness. The Blutrausch Legion is made up of orcs and goblins that are ready to get into any battle, if it will result in Davy Jones’ treasure. This Hero set includes Longjowels, who likes to keep his distance from the fighting and throw coins at his problems; Fancy Lad, who never sacrifices looking good for the heat of the battle; and The Blutghul, a monstrous killing machine that can simply be pointed at the enemy and let loose. These five new characters will be a welcome addition to your crews. Orcs might be out for themselves, but their shared comradery as part of the Legion keeps them fighting together.

Not all teams come together in the light of day. Sometimes, the challenge of surviving below the surface of the Earth is enough to form a solid alliance. There are four new items releasing today for Massive Darkness, with enough challenges to bring any adventuring party together. Lightbringers will have to face off with monstrous rats in the Massive Darkness: Enemy Box: Ratlings, an elephant with an attitude in the Massive Darkness: Heroes & Monster set: Bloodmoon Assassins vs. Hellephant box, and a mythical menace in the Massive Darkness: Heroes & Monster set: Noble Warriors vs. Cockatrix box. If you’re looking for even more adventures, CMON is happy to oblige. The Massive Darkness: A Quest of Crystal & Lava tiles pack provides 15 double-sided tiles includes the nine core box tiles, along with six that are all-new. It also includes a brand new six-quest campaign. The Crystal Caves had been a place that inspired lovers and poets, but the Darkness has set up shop and must be rooted out.  

November is all about teamwork, and today at your FLGS, you’re getting a chance to test your alliances and see who you can really trust. All of these new titles from CMON offer a significant challenge, but you’ll be able to get by with a little help from your friends.

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November Releases For CMON

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