October Releases for CMON

As the months tick by, another year slips away from us. For some, it will have been a dream come true, spent with good friends sharing wonderful moments they’ll try and remember for years to come. For others, it will have been a dark ordeal, spent fighting the minions of evil, with the fate of the world resting on their shoulders. Today, CMON has releases that will speak to both of these parties.

In Dream On, you share a lucid dream together with a group of friends. It can go in any direction that your imagination can take it, from exploring alien worlds, to discovering incredible treasure, to finding true love. Anyone can contribute to the story of the dream by playing a Dream card and telling part of the tale. The trick is remembering it all! Once the timer runs out, you’ll flip the Dream card pile and one at a time try and recall the steps of the dream. The better the story you told, the easier it should be to remember. After every Dream card has been revealed, your team will get a score depending on how well you remembered everything. Was your dream a magnificent adventure that will provide inspiration for you long after you wake up? Or was it mundane and forgettable, the type of dream that leaves you moody and searching for answers. The power of your dream will be reflected in your score!

For some, their fate lies not atop a soft fluffy pillow, but below miles of stone fighting for the fate of the world. The Massive Darkness core box was released to FLGSs last month. After a generation of peace, the war between mankind and the spreading Darkness was revived. 

Two Enemy Boxes are being released today, offering new challenges for the subterranean Heroes. The Reptisaurians are savage lizardfolk, hailing from the coastal swamplands. The call of the Darkness was too much for these coldblooded creatures, and their spiritual leaders soon became the agents of evil. The Massive Darkness: Enemy Box: Reptisaurians contains 13 new cards and 22 new highly detailed miniatures, including Warriors, Blowgunners, and the huge scaly monster that is the Reptisaurus Rex. 

The Troglodytes may be primitive, but their knowledge of complex cave systems make them valuable allies for the Darkness. Through promises of power and domination, they were lured to join the forces of evil. Now, the Lightbringers will have to defeat this foe if they have any hope of saving the world. The Massive Darkness: Enemy Box: Troglodytes contains 13 new cards and 22 new highly detailed miniatures, including Warriors, Brutes, and a horned monster you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark ally, the Bloodseeker Minotuar.

With all these new enemies, the Lightbringers could use some reinforcements. There are two Heroes and Monster sets hitting your FLGS today as well. 

In the Massive Darkness: Heroes & Monster Set: Sorcerers vs Lord Tusk, three new magical Heroes are introduced to the battle. The Sorcerer is a new class that allows players to hide in the shadows and release a magic blast at their enemies. Keeping out of sight and range is not a bad idea when facing off against Lord Tusk. His massive blades can strike several foes with a single swing.

You never want to get in between a Cyclops and her children, but that’s just what the Warrior Priests have done. In the Massive Darkness: Heroes & Monster Set: Warrior Priests vs The Spearmaiden Cyclops set, the Heroes are going to have their hands full will the giant, one-eyed roaming monster. Luckily, the three new Lightbringers come with a new skill class. The Warrior Priest class benefits from staying in the light and aiding their allies… and their allies will need all the help they can get with this new monstrous foe.

From wonderful dreams to monstrous nightmares, CMON has you covered! These new titles are hitting your FLGS today, so don’t lose sleep, just go out and get them!

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October Releases for CMON

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