Pride of Wakanda

The kingdom of Wakanda long kept itself isolated from the rest of the world. A highly-technologically advanced civilization, the region is rich in vibranium, an extremely versatile metal that can be used in all manner of applications. However, the veil that separated Wakanda from the rest of the world has been breached and new foes, from inside and outside the country, are looking to control its vast wealth and resources. T’Challa, king of Wakanda, is being challenged for the throne by Killmonger. In the end, only one will have the country under their control. In the Kickstarter Exclusive Rise of the Black Panther expansion for Marvel United, players will participate in this struggle of ideologies. Let’s take a deeper look into what new things this set brings to your tabletops.

The Rise of the Black Panther expansion for Marvel United gives players three new heroes that they can use to fight the forces of evil. King T’Challa, dressed in his iconic Black Panther outfit, fights alongside Shuri and the Winter Soldier. Each has their own, unique sculpt to represent them on the battlefield as well as their custom-designed Hero deck full of cards that show off each one’s individual fighting style. They will have their hands full trying to stop Killmonger, also having his own detailed sculpt and Masterplan deck. The kingdom of Wakanda itself is represented with new Locations. All of these items can be used on their own or mixed and matched with other Marvel United sets.

Fighting in Wakanda brings its own unique challenges. The land itself is under attack, as it has the resources everyone is looking to be in control of. The flora and fauna are precious and often not found elsewhere, and keeping them safe is of high importance. If players wish, they can use the new Endangered Locations Challenge as part of their game. At the start of the game when using the Endangered Locations Challenge, each player is given an Endangered Location token. They are placed out on the different Locations that players choose. When a Location has an Endangered Location token and it becomes full of Thugs or Civilians and another must be placed, the corresponding hero takes an extra damage as they try their best to keep the land safe. Players must be wary of letting too many other tokens fill up the Endangered Location spaces, lest they take too much damage and are KO’d.

Wakanda is a beautiful land, kept mostly pristine thanks to its isolation. Now that the secret of its location is out, everyone is rushing in to take advantage of it. Within the country, different ideologies of how to progress in the ever-changing world have caused very real conflicts. In the end, only one group will be in control of the country’s vast wealth. Will it be in the hands of the heroes or the villains? That’s up to you to decide.

The Wakanda expansion is available only as part of the Marvel United Kickstarter campaign, going on now. Head over and pledge and add-on for this amazing expansion. But hurry, unlike Wakanda, the campaign is not forever!

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Pride of Wakanda

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