Raiding the Spider-Verse

Being a Super Hero isn’t easy. There are the Villains attacking the city. There’s going out on patrol to protect the innocent. And there’s trying to come up with a cool costume. Why have a cool costume? Because keeping one’s identity secret is vitally important. If a Hero’s secret identity were known, then those that they care about and the place they live could come under attack from the forces of evil. Of course, keeping one’s identity secret isn’t easy when there’s reporters on every block. In the Enter the Spider-Verse expansion for Marvel United, players not only need to worry about a whole new villain and get used to patrolling entirely new locations, they need to try and keep their identity secret.

This new set includes lots of new elements that can be used on their own, or mixed and matched with items from the regular base game. Players can take on the role of all-new Super Heroes, Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and Gwen Stacy’s Ghost-Spider, learning their abilities and using their unique Hero decks in order to fight crime. There’s also a new villain, the Green Goblin, flying around on his glider, throwing pumpkin bombs all around the city. Only by use of some coordinated web-slinging action will the heroes be able to bring him down.

But the main new mechanic in Enter the Spider-Verse is the addition of the Secret Identity Challenge. This works like other Challenges in the game, putting an extra hindrance on the heroes as they swing around the city, fighting crime. At the start of the game, players place Journalist tokens in each Location adjacent to the Super Hero’s starting location, as well as one where the Villain begins the game. Whenever a Hero performs an action other than Move in a location with a Journalist, they gain an Exposure token. If a Hero collects 3 of these tokens, then their secret identity has been revealed. The hero must then spend time once more covering up who they are. This means that the next card they play in the Storyline will be played facedown and have no effect in the game. They essentially must skip part of their next turn. Also, the next Hero will have fewer resources available to them on their turn. Players can move Journalist tokens around by spending Heroic actions, moving the token to an adjacent Location (players don’t need to be in the same place as the Journalist token to move them around).

The Green Goblin is busy bombing the city. The streets are crawling with journalists. And in between, everyone’s favorite wall-crawling, web-slinging Super Heroes are trying to bring peace to the city. Will you be able to keep their identities secret? Find out when you add the Enter the Spider-Verse expansion to your Marvel United games.

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Raiding the Spider-Verse

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