Rising Sun: Dynasty Invasion - New Warriors for the Future of Japan

A strange tide laps at the shores of Japan, bringing with it a new challenge for the traditional Clans that battle for the destiny of the island nation. An invasion will occur later this month. Two new Clans will set foot on Japanese soil to fight for the its future. The Sun and Moon Clans gain their strength from celestial bodies, they pray to different gods, and they will completely change your games of Rising Sun forever. 

The Rising Sun: Dynasty Invasion expansion includes two new complete Clans to join in the war for the fate of Japan, seven Lucky Gods, and 15 Season cards.

The Moon Clan has never been considered the most honorable group of warriors. They have gained their powers from shady sources and start each game with the lowest Honor. However, what they lack in integrity, they make up for in brute strength. Each member of the Moon Clan boasts a Force of two, making them intimidating foes to come face-to-face with. Due to their unscrupulous nature, the Moon Clan is less welcome at the temple of the Kami and are only ever allowed to have a maximum of two figures praying there at a time. With the lowest Seasonal Income in the game, the Moon Clan can’t rely on their wealth for winning battles. It will be a test of their strength when they face opponents in war.

Every coin has another side, and for the Moon Clan, their opposite is represented by the Sun Clan. They start with high Honor and have a high Seasonal Income. These noble warriors are a beacon of light across the world, and their Honor is as important to their reputation as it is to their strategy. When the Sun Clan wins a tie due to having higher Honor, they will also steal a Coin and a Victory Point from that opponent, if possible. Opponents will have to be careful when pitting their Honor against the Sun Clan. The results could be devastating.

These new Clans have their own stories and myths. They do not recognize the powers of the traditional Monsters of Japan, and because of this, they cannot acquire the Monsters from Season cards in the base game. The Sun and Moon Clan have their own set of seven Lucky Gods that can only be recruited by them. These Lucky Gods are represented by highly detailed miniatures, and can be acquired through a unique set of Season cards that are added to the deck whenever the Sun or Moon Clans are present in a game. 

These Lucky Gods include Jorojin, the God of Longevity. When he is on the map, he allows his Clan to acquire Virtue cards for one less Coin. Ebisu, the God of Prosperity, ensures that his Clan’s resources are always plentiful. If he is killed, his Clan immediately receives eight Coins. Bishamon is the God of Fortune in War, and he loves a challenge. Whenever there is another Monster present in a Province, he has four Force. Benten is the God of Beauty and Music, and she has the ability to tame the wildest beasts. Monsters in her Province don’t contribute their Force and their special abilities are ignored. 

Any of these Lucky Gods would be helpful allies to the Sun or Moon Clans. The Dynasty Invasion includes a set of 15 Season cards, some of which introduce the Lucky Gods, but others include new gameplay and strategies that are available to all of the Clans in the game. 

With new Clans, new Gods, and new Season cards, the Dynasty Invasion expansion offers a completely different challenge for Rising Sun. Players will have to adjust their strategies and learn the ways of these invaders if they hope to win the favor of the Kami and choose the future of Japan. 

The Dynasty Invasion expansion for Rising Sun will be available in your FLGS on March 30.

Rising Sun: Dynasty Invasion - New Warriors for the Future of Japan

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