Rising Sun: Gods and Monsters

The war for the fate of Japan is raging, as ancient Clans fight to have the nation reshaped in their image. However, it isn’t just be human combatants that take to the battlefield. The Kami, ancient Japanese Gods are no longer satisfied to sit on the sidelines and receive prayers. They are determined to have a physical impact on the war. However, it won’t just be the Kami who make their presence felt on the battlefield, hulking monstrous figures can be recruited to a player’s clan to fight on their side. In Rising Sun, Honor is key, but victory is a close second. This month, two new expansions are coming to your FLGS to raise the stakes in your games of Rising Sun.

The Rising Sun: Kami Unbound expansion includes seven highly-detailed Kami miniatures, their individual Kami Power cards, 15 new Season cards, and a whole new set of rules for the game. With Kami Unbound, these ancient gods are no longer chained to their Shrines, awaiting the praises of the Clans. Now, they can take an active part in the war for Japan. When using the Kami Unbound rules, four Kami are chosen for the game as normal and their tiles are placed in the Shrines. Players can send their Shintos to the Shrines in order to gain their favor. However, during the Kami phase, everything changes. The Clan with the most Force in the Shrine of a Kami immediately gains their figure to add to any Province, as well as their Kami Power card. While in a Province under a Clan’s control, the Kami provides one Force to their army. Kamis are mystical beings and not prey to many of the failings of humans. The Kami also produce a special power in the region they occupy. They cannot be taken Hostage and can never be killed. When a Kami occupies a Province, they exercise their powers to influence the rules there. These powers have game-changing strengths, like Susanoo, who traps all figures in the Province he occupies, or Fujin, who doubles the reward for a Harvest mandate and also grants a Harvest reward for the player that controls them if they win a War Province token there. While the Clans of Japan have always relied on the Kami for spiritual guidance, they can now take up arms beside them and go to war together. You can never have too many allies on the battlefield.

Speaking of allies to have on your side, the Rising Sun: Monster Pack also arrives at your FLGS this month. This expansion includes four new monstrous figures that can either turn the war in your favor, or become your worst nightmare, depending on who gains their allegiance. The Oni of Plagues prevents Clans with higher Honor to enter the Province he occupies. The Fire Dragon wields an incredible three Force. At the start of a battle involving the Fire Dragon, it unleashes a wall of flame, and the player controlling it must choose and kill one figure from each player, including their own. No one is immune from the cleansing power of fire. Jinmenju may appear, at a distance, to be simply a tree, but as players approach, they will see it bears the strangest of fruit. A player controlling Jinmenju can treat it like a Stronghold during a Recruit Mandate, allowing them to Summon an extra figure. However, each time this power is used, they will lose Honor. Finally, there is the Jorogumo. Its seductive nature belies the true nature of this beast. The Jorogumo appears as a beautiful woman who tempts opponent’s figures to your side. At the start of a Battle with the Jorogumo, you may take control of an opponent’s Shinto or Bushi. They will fight for your forces for the duration of the Battle. Each of these monstrous figures will give any Clan a distinct advantage in the war. 

The war for Japan rages in Rising Sun, and these new expansion packs allow players to raise the stakes. Whether they rely on the assistance of the ancient Kami or the brutal strength of some legendary monsters, the Kami Unbound and Monster Pack expansions will forever change the face of the war.

The Rising Sun: Kami Unbound and Rising Sun: Monster Pack expansions will be available in your FLGS on March 30.

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Rising Sun: Gods and Monsters

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