Roll Up Some Magic in Ta-Da! on November 11th!

An annual talent show with this much magic only comes around once a year (obviously). The best and brightest wizards from all over the land (ahem, you) are gathering to prove who is the most skilled! You’ll be casting spells at a furious rate and trying to slow down your competition with a little trickery. Wizards are busy folk, so the contest will be quick. A new winner will be announced in the time it takes for you to yell, “Ta-Da!”

Ta-Da! is a fun and simple party game that will have players rolling dice and completing Spells as fast as they can. It’s magically appearing in your FLGS on November 11th.

The competing wizards race to complete six Spells by rolling dice and locking in the required symbols. It can get pretty intense and hilarious as everyone loads the dice into their cups and shakes them up over and over at a lightning pace to beat out their fellow magic casters. You can generally tell which table is playing Ta-Da! by how loud they are!

Each round, only two Spells will be completed with the winners yelling “Ta-Da!” as they finish, while the rest of the table are left to scratch their heads and wonder what went wrong. 

On their own, those contest parameters seem pretty tame, so to spice things up, the organizers introduced the Feat cards! A Feat card is drawn before the start of each round, and it will have some sort of hilarious handicap for everyone at the table. The Chopsticks card forces players to pick up dice with only their index and middle fingers or the Careful card forces you to put your dice back in the cup one at a time. 

If Feats weren’t enough to deal with, some of the completed Spells will give players a one-time ability that will slow down the competition. There’s the Decrious Slumberingo, which allows you to choose an opponent and force them to play the next round with their head stuck to the table, or Tell Me I’m Prettius, which forces the target to give you a compliment each time they lock in a die (for those days when you need a little confidence booster).

Once one player has completed their sixth Spell, the game is over and everyone else has to shamefully slink away with their pointy hats drooping and comically askew. 

Ta-Da! is a wild, fun party game for up to six wizards. If you think you have the magic in you, give it a shot! Worst case scenario, you’ll be turned into a toad until next year’s competition (or in a couple minutes when you start up a new game)!

Learn more about Ta-Da! here.


Roll Up Some Magic in Ta-Da! on November 11th!

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