Rum and Bones: Second Tide Sailing into Your FLGS

The smell of salt water, the sound of waves crashing, and the sight flashing steel in the morning light! The life of a pirate on the high seas is full of adventure, action, and battle. On April 21, Rum and Bones: Second Tide sets sail in to your FLGS, bringing enough content to write a whole album of sea shanties about it.

In the stand-alone sequel to Rum and Bones, 2-6 players square off in combat across three different ships. The Deep Sea Lords pilot their Gallant into close range of the two Windcutters of the Marea de la Muerte. These two rivals Factions will take turns activating their Heroes and crew until one of their ships is sent to Davy Jones’ Locker. 

Rum and Bones: Second Tide is a turn based strategy game, played by two players or two teams, each in control of one of the Factions. Using their Heroes, Bosuns, and Deckhands, each team launches attacks at their opponent’s ship. At the start of the game, players make up their team by choosing three Heroes from either their own faction, or from the Mercenaries that will join any faction for the right price.  

The Heroes have their own role on the ship that helps define their skills. Players can create a crew made up of a Captain, Quartermaster, Swashbuckler, Gunner, or Brute. How a crew is constructed has a big impact on a player’s strategy during the game. They want to have confidence in the team they’ve assembled when they go into battle. Each Hero has their own Dashboard and set of Skill cards that will set them apart from the other characters. Skill cards come in three different types: Attacks, Abilities, and Reactions. Attacks come into play when Heroes engage with the enemy. Abilities can be taken advantage of on a player’s turn. And Reactions have a trigger that dictates when they can be used.  

Each Faction also has their own Tide deck they can draw on for extra help. Players will have a hand of three Tide cards at their disposal, and after each round is played, they’ll draw back up to three. Tide cards can give players some sort of tactical advantage during combat, or simply mess with their opponent’s plans. Players must be careful how they use Tide cards, though. If too many cards with the Kraken symbol are played, the Kraken pool is raised and both crews are going to get a visit from a many-tentacled beast from the depths. When each round ends, players roll a dice, add the total, and compare it to the current level of the Kraken pool. If it’s lower than the level of the pool the Kraken has been summoned and a new foe enters the fray until it's killed off. When the Kraken is in play players roll a dice to determine what sort of action the sea monster will take… chances are it’s not going to be good.   

Rum and Bones: Second Tide is played over a series of rounds, with each player taking turns activating their Heroes and crew. The goal is to reach eight victory points by winning battles and destroying objectives on their opponent’s ship. The battle will rage, round after round, with Heroes fighting each other and the crew of their opponent. Along the way, it’s possible for Heroes to get pushed overboard or even knocked out, but they’ll be spawned back onto battle before too long.  

With excitement and adventure at every moment, Rum and Bones: Second Tide is the perfect game for any landlubber getting tired of their dry existence. Take to the sea, assemble a trustworthy crew, and prepare to board! Rum and Bones: Second Tide will be in your FLGS on April 21. 

Rum and Bones: Second Tide Sailing into Your FLGS

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